Indian aquarium plants


Nourishing plants in your home is a blessing. The plant owners who have various houseplants know the importance of watering them regularly and providing them enough light to survive. Only then will you ensure a healthy environment for your plants to grow. Water and sunlight for plants are what food is for humans. So make sure that your plants are healthy and thriving by watering them daily. It is necessary to water plants daily, but you will come across some plants that do not require water as frequently as the others. Depending on what kind of plants you have in your home, you will have to decide their water schedule. Apart from watering them daily, there are other tips that every plant owner should follow, which are given below:


It is important that you propagate the plants as it will be easy for them to grow. If you are a plant parent, you should know about the type of plant you are going to grow in your home to nourish them accordingly. Some plants grow well after propagation by the division method or other ways. If you allow the propagation of plants, it will be an easy way to acquire more plants without buying them. 


Sometimes the growth of the plant is restricted because its roots are not growing properly in its current pot. If you want to be sure your houseplant needs repotting, you should check the root system to know if roots are circling inside the pot because if they are, you need to re-pot them. Or you can also trim the roots or divide the plant and replant it in the same container but do not forget to use the fresh soil. 


Cleaning is also essential for plants. You need to be regular with the cleaning by just dusting off the dirt from the leaves or stem. Well, most of the time, the dust is removed from the plants once you water them, but dust particles will again appear, especially when they are kept outside. Before watering them, make sure to remove dust particles, or they will stick to the plants for the whole day, and then it will not be easy to remove them. 

Remove dead leaves:

If you want your house plants to grow and thrive environment you provide them, and it is essential that you look after some things like the dead plants, overgrowth of the plants, check the stem and the root, and ensure to watch for the houseplant disease. If you notice if the leaves of your plants are dying, you need to remove them immediately so that it does not affect the whole plant. If you do not cater to the dead leaves, your plant will die before you know it. 

If you are a new plant parent or are looking forward to buying plants for your home, ensure that you buy the plants from a nursery so that you can get the best plants for your home. Buying plants from a nursery is better because the people there will guide you on taking care of the plant you have decided to take home. If there is no nursery near your area, you can find one online as well.