Advertising on Facebook can often be quite different to advertising anywhere else. They have a variety of sections within their platform you can use, and they offer the ability to target a very narrow and precise demographic if you so wish. Let’s have a look at some of the specific ways to use these powerful tools on Facebook to meet your advertising goals, in addition to some ad ideas that would work well on Facebook, and some creative best practices.

Tips on Targeting your Audience

You can use Audience Insights to target your competition’s fans. Going via the Page Likes of your current audience, cross-referencing it with those who have an interest in a particular competitor, and then looking at their demographics could give you a tighter audience to target to. These can then be tested against your current audiences. A more advanced operation is to use Pixel and create a Custom Audience, which would specifically retarget customers who have recently been to your website, or looked at specific products. Lookalike Audiences are a great way to target people who are similar in demographic to those who already purchase from you. There are high levels of customization to this, and Facebook ads can even find many of the details to match and mimic using their tools. Ensure that you use layered targeting in the Detailed Targeting section using Exclude People or Narrow Further. This will allow you to be as precise as you want, including filtering for relationship status, children, job type, etc.

Using Stories Effectively

Stories are the fastest growing advertising platform on Facebook and have high levels of engagement due to their immersion and high speed. A great way to take advantage of the intimacy of Stories is to showcase real moments that your audience can connect with and relate to, and doesn’t feel like a mass targeting. Capturing the audience’s attention early is key, and so is having a few short, sharp scenes. Using content that is created specifically for Stories, with their vertical aspect, is ideal. So is having motion throughout, even layered on still images. Showcasing your brand name or key message right at the start tends to work best. If you wish for your ad to primarily focus on your brand for awareness purposes, focus the ad on people; for conversion purposes, focus on the product.

Basic Ad Ideas

Try and repurpose your top-performing content into Facebook-specific photos or videos. Your key messages which regularly drive traffic to your website can be distilled (e.g., via infographic) to basic text-and-image ads, which can then also be used to create mini slideshows. Leverage the retargeting mentioned above along with the specific demographics to drive sales and conversions. Call to action buttons such as ‘Shop Now’ are highly effective for this purpose when paired with them. Facebook ads don’t necessarily have to be just for online purchases. They can be quite useful for driving foot traffic to your physical stores, and especially useful for events, which can be linked to a click-to-Messenger button so customers can chat, enquire and engage about it.

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