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Kazakhstan is one of the largest landlocked countries with 13 popular universities. MBBS in Kazakhstan is known for its unique and dense education system. The main focus is on core practical training. Well-known colleges focus on the interpersonal communication and professional development of students. Training will bring you many benefits because it can help you shape your career. The level of international education has made the country home to more than 60,000 undergraduate medical job seekers. The reason for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is that the placements attract students from popular destinations such as the UK, Germany, and Australia every year.

The MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan is also worth studying due to they are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the MCI (Medical Council of India). The 5 years of MBBS education in Kazakhstan allows students to participate in international seminars and projects. Another encouraging factor that attracts many students to this country is the global influence they have gained here. The best place is the availability of accommodation and Indian food facilities. You will not miss home because the teacher-student ratio is 10:1, making classroom learning more interesting for you. Some of the interesting facts before moving to Kazakhstan are as follows –

Reasonable Tuition Fee – The best thing about getting MBBS from Kazakhstan is the reasonable tuition fee of medical schools in Kazakhstan.

The Advantage for SAARC Students – According to the concept of Kazakhstan, students from SAARC countries can study MBBS in Kazakhstan without paying the tuition fees. They only need to pay for living expenses. However, students from non-SAARC countries need to pay about the US $ 3000 in tuition each year.

Easy Admission – It is easy to get MBBS admission in Kazakhstan. Students can enter the best MBBS University in Kazakhstan without donations.

No Language Problem – The English language of instruction in most universities in Kazakhstan. Therefore, students now no need to worry that they will have to learn other languages in order to do MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Course Duration Just Like India – The duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan is 6 years, including 5 years of MBBS and 1 year of internship.

Scholarship – Students who perform well in the exams will receive scholarships from some universities in Kazakhstan. When offering scholarships, students’ performance in the first year will be considered.

Safe For Students – The crime rate in Kazakhstan is very low. Therefore, students do not have to worry about any safety issues, because the country is safe for students.

Good Weather – Compared with other countries, the climate of Kazakhstan is almost the same as that of India. Therefore, Indian students feel comfortable living in Kazakhstan.

No Entrance Exam – Students do not need to give a specific entrance exam to enter the University of Kazakhstan.

Good Accommodation – Living in Kazakhstan is cheaper than India.

Recognized University – Kazakhstan’s universities are globally recognized by international institutions and organizations such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization. One of the best universities in Kazakhstan is the Kazakh National Medical University that upholds its reputation at every parameter.

Comprehensive Syllabus – The syllabus designed by Kazakhstan for MBBS is very detailed and accepted worldwide.

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