We can all agree that relationships are heavenly and once you find that perfect someone, you stay on cloud nine. Relationships define and portray the intense emotion that’s called love. Finding someone who accepts us for who we are can shape our lives in countless ways that we might sometimes dismiss. I believe. Countless studies prove the well being of a person when he or she is in a progressive and positive relationship.

You put in efforts for the Other Person

There are a lot of debates on Long Term relationships. Many of us don’t consider them at par with short term ones while very few would bet on them being better than the latter. I with my personal experience think that Long term relationships can turn out to be equally beautiful than the other ones. Both I and my partner have invested our efforts in our relationship wholeheartedly and till the day our bond thrives. He stays in Bangalore and me in Chandigarh. While I send flowers to Bangalore for him, he invests in my favorite chocolates and delivers them to Chandigarh. These are just our ways of reminding each other how much we adore the other person and the efforts we are willing to put, to make this relationship stronger.


Distance is just a number while two hearts truly wish to be together. There are a lot of reasons why I think that Long Distance relationships are the best. Let me elaborate on this further. First and foremost is that while you are away, you two learn to communicate and resolve your differences. Communication is the key to every relationship and keeping it clear and flowing is extremely essential. Even if you are staying at the other end of the world you can always Send Flowers to Pune for your loved ones and make up for the lost communications or differences that come between you.

You Learn The Art of Patience

In today’s life, many things are extremely easy to come, because of which we sometimes don’t value the essence of patience. Long term relationships teach us the art and importance of patience. We tend to respect the time of the other person and try to give them their preferred space rather than being clingy all the time. You wait for occasions like an anniversary where you can receive them at the airport with anniversary flowers.

You Cherish The Time Together

While we talk about patience, we all know that the fruits of patience are always sweet. When two people are separated by miles they appreciate the time they spend with each other. Every meeting is truly amazing and filled with love and passion. Even if you two are engaging in a very mundane activity such as grocery shopping, it all feels so special. Anniversaries become all the more exciting with the chocolates, anniversary Bouquets and date night.

You Can Focus on Your Goals

You can focus on your goals. While you learn to give each other the genuine space requires, you can focus better on your goals. You can invest more time in your hobbies and passions. Doing so will not hamper your relationship in any way but will give you time for yourself and to improve your skills.

You Learn to be Independent

While you stay far from each other, you learn to be independent and learn to handle things on your own. You will grow a sense of self-sufficiency and find out ways to achieve what you want without the need of depending on your better half for the same thing. Having emotional support is all that you require from your loved one in such situations.

Testing Trust

Long-distance relationships have their foundations on the trust that two people have for each other. Trust holds a very important part of a relationship. While you are at a distance from your other half, you have to have trust in the other person and so this is a true test of your trust. If you pass in this test, there is nothing else that can shake or break your bond. Not together, forces you to recognize and challenge your insecurities such as jealousy.

In the end, I would like to sum up with a note that efforts, trust, and communication play a major role in making your bond stronger. As in my case, a simple midnight Flower Delivery in Chennai was more than enough to bring a smile on my partner’s face. You too need to shower them with surprises and love to elongate the span of your relationship. On a day to day life, there are countless difficulties that we face, having someone who rides on with our journey through all the ups and downs make us recover and overcome from them faster. Make sure you cherish your relationships no matter the distance between you two, as it is rare to find someone with a pure soul. 

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