Laminate Flooring


The first thing that people notice when they enter your house is your main door. The look of your door is like a sneak peak to what your whole house would be so you would obviously want a beautiful main doorway. Additionally, your house acts as your safe place and the doors and windows act as the house’s safe place. So, it’s important to have good quality and durable materials used to make the doors and windows of your house. Mahogany wood is one of the best quality wood used to make doors and windows. It is native to North and central America and is reddish brown in colour. Mahogany wood belongs to the three tropical hardwood species of genus Swietenia. The three species are Honduran or Swietenia macrophylla of Mexico to Brazil, west-indian or Cuban mahogany commonly known as Swietenia mahagoni range from southern Florida to Caribbean and Swietenia humilis limited to central America. Mahogany wood has the power to make any door look sophisticated and classy mostly because of its colour. Here are some benefits of mahogany wood doors :

  • DURABILITY : Mahogany wood doors are extremely durable. The best doors are made of at least 35-40 year wood. If maintained properly this wood can last upto 40-50 years and even under poor condition it can easily last upto 30 years. Mahogany wood is naturally corrosion resistant and repellent to insects. Wood doors anyway are able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat or cold. It’s solid, lightweight and drought resistant too. But doors are often prone to wear and tear so it’s important to maintain it on a regular basis which includes staining and finishing. It does not easily shrink or swell due to extreme weather conditions. Mahogany wood is an extremely solid and resilient material. It can be even used to make large furniture and outdoor furniture.
  • ATTRACTIVE LOOK : One of the most important features of Mahogany wood is its aesthetic beauty. It’s dark red brownish colour which keeps on getting darker by time gives a very sleek look. This wood is extremely aesthetic and once polished gives an amazing finished look. Wood doors, especially mahogany wood doors, give a classy touch to your house. It provides a hint of sophistication and enhances the overall look of the house.
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE : Along with looking beautiful mahogany wood doors are extremely versatile too. Anytime you want to redecorate or redesign the door, it can be done easily. The stain and the hardware used on the door is easily replaceable. The paint sticks very well to the mahogany wood and can be changed anytime. They can be easily cut or sculpted along with it, it sands and finishes smoothly. It adapts very quickly to changes made to it.
  • WATER RESISTANT : Mahogany wood is often used for shipwork and making of decks or building boats because it’s extremely water resistant. As mentioned earlier it can withstand extreme weather conditions including heavy rains. Due to it’s water resistant feature mahogany wood can also be used for making patio furniture or furniture for outdoor use.
  • ANTI-CORROSION AND INSECT REPELLENT : Hardwoods don’t generally rot or decay. Mahogany is also a hardwood, therefore it is rot and corrosion resistant. Due to the strong natural fragrance of the mahogany wood, insects get repelled by it.

Even though mahogany wood might come at a high end of the cost spectrum it’s extremely popular due to its reliable quality. It’s long lasting and a beautiful option for your home. Not only would it provide safety but it will also enhance the look of your house.