Physical Therapy Treatments for Back Pain


Here’s what physical therapy can do for your back pain and how it can get you back on your feet in a condition better than ever.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Before you make an appointment for physical therapy, try to figure out what may be causing your back pain. Sometimes back pain can be caused by something minor as harsh and sudden movements that can cause temporary pain or sitting with bad posture. If this is the cause of back pain, the pain will most likely slowly fade away in a short time period through conservative treatments that include rest, heat therapy, and over-the-counter medication.

However, if you notice that you’re experiencing chronic pain and it keeps getting worse, it could imply a much more serious condition that needs to be addressed and treated properly. Chronic back pain can imply kidney infections, bowel issues, arthritis, a herniated disc, or even cancer.

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If the pain doesn’t go away in a few days, you need to seek medical help. If you doctor recommends physical therapy, make sure you come prepared. You need to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. The therapist will have to range your motion, measure your posture, and range your strength to see where your limits in movement are.

What to expect from physical therapy

A physical therapist is an educated and professionally trained expert who will know exactly how to examine and asses your situation and prepare an adequate treatment for your chronic back pain. These are some types of exercises you can expect to do in physical therapy:

·         Stretching

·         Strength Training

·         Low impact aerobic activity

·         Manual Therapy

·         Electrical Stimulation

6 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has many amazing benefits. No matter the degree of back pain you’re experiencing, physical therapy will help you heal properly. Even in cases of more serious back injuries and health issues, there are always proper treatments options that will help you. Even if it comes to getting a surgery to properly heal your back, with a professional spine surgeon in Brisbane your back pain will be properly treated and taken care of.

Here are just a few amazing benefits that physical therapy has to offer:

Personalised care

Firstly, one of the biggest benefits of physical therapy is that you will receive personalised care from a professional therapist familiar with your condition. They know exactly how to approach your back pain issues and address them in a way that would help you recover properly.  Their job is to create a specific therapy plan and a set of exercises that will help you heal your back pain problems.

Decreased pain

A physical therapist will observe the way you walk, run, get up from a sitting position, lay down, and other similar movements to determine where the problem lies. Then, based on that, they will do everything they can to help remove the pain you feel in your back. After all, the end goal is to get rid of the pain.

Restored mobility

However, the therapist’s job is not only to get rid of your back pain. They also aim to restore your mobility and help you move your body with ease preventing the back pain from coming back. They will determine what muscles you need to strengthen in order to support your back properly and allow you to move in a way that won’t cause any back pain again.

May eliminate the need for surgery

Surgery is always just a last resort. However, it may never have to come to that because a therapist job is to do their best at helping you with just physical therapy.

Reduces the risk of further injury

With your back pain gone and mobility being restored, you can move freely and reduce any risk of getting a back injury that will put you back into treatment.

Reduces the risk of falls

Poor posture can lead to some serious injuries by falling. A physical therapist will help you improve your balance and coordination so a risk of falling will be significantly reduced.

Make sure you come to a physical therapy prepared. Make a list of factors that you think may have contributed to your back pain, and where you feel the pain. This way, your therapist will know what signs to look for and how to examine you properly.


Overall, physical therapy is great for back pain and it will help you heal properly so that you can move freely again without worrying about getting further injured.

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