According to a CNN report, hardwood floors can increase property value by 3-5%, with a guaranteed 75% return on investment. Many homeowners choose hardwood flooring for their property because of its visual appeal and durability. Undoubtedly, hardwood floors are eco-friendly and strong. However, they are susceptible to wear and tear upon frequent usage, affecting your interior integrity. 

I wish to bring to your attention the various factors that can make your hardwood flooring lose its luster and what professional refinishing services can do to help.

Factors that Damage Hardwood Floors 

  1. Improper Cleaning 

Cleaning hardwood floors with harsh chemicals and bleaches can compromise their visual appeal. Avoid scrubbing your flooring with hard-bristled brushes or harmful products if you wish to retain its smooth and shiny surface. You may also want to try deep cleaning instead of regular cleaning to ensure dirt and dust accumulation doesn’t ruin your flooring.  

  1. Dragging Heavy Objects Around the house 

Are you a person who loves rearranging furniture to give your interior a whole new look? While your interest in house décor is appreciated, you should pay close attention to how you’re moving objects around the house? Dragging heavy furniture over hardwood floors can spoil their appearance and cause scratches and dents. It may also cause the floorboards to chip and break! 

  1. Moisture 
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Hardwood floors are not water-proof, which makes them vulnerable to water and moisture damage. If you have kids or pets in the house, your hardwood floors will be more susceptible to moisture damage. Children do all sorts of stuff that can create a mess. Muddy shoes, water splashes, fluid spills, etc., are some factors that can affect your flooring with water damage. 

  1. Heavy Foot Traffic 

If you’re a commercial property owner, your hardwood flooring will be more susceptible to wear and tear damage due to heavy foot traffic. Dirt, grime, and gunk stuck on people’s shoes can ruin your hardwood flooring like nothing else. This dirt can accumulate in the cervices of the floorboards over time. Heavy foot traffic can cause dents and scratches on your flooring and ruin its luster. 

How can Refinishing Services Help? 

If you’re concerned about preserving the strength and appearance of your hardwood floors, here’s how refinishing services can help! Hardwood floor dustless refinishing removes the worn-off top layer of the hardwood floor and adds a new coat, providing a more polished and refined look to your flooring! Here are some major benefits of availing refinishing services:

  1. Restores that Flawless Look! 

Don’t you just love the smooth and shiny surface of a newly installed hardwood floor? Fortunately, you can now maintain your flooring’s integrity with dustless refinishing services. Professional refinishing can eliminate the scuff marks, scratches, and dents that used to bother you. With hardwood refinishing, you can make your interior look as good as new once again. Remember to hire expert services to enjoy the best results!      

  1. Boosts Property Value 

As mentioned earlier, a newly installed hardwood floor can boost your property value. However, the same cannot be said for flooring that loses its luster with time. With top-notch refinishing services, you can receive a higher return on investments. The spotless and polished surface will enhance your property’s beauty, positively impacting your house value in the market. 

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  1. Saves Money 

One of the most significant benefits of refinishing hardwood flooring is affordable maintenance. A damaged flooring can have you pay a greater amount for installing a brand new one. In this regard, utilizing professional refinishing services will improve your hardwood floor’s lifespan and save you money in the long run! 

  1. Ensures Safety 

A damaged hardwood floor may put you and your loved ones at a safety risk. Dents, splinters, and sharp edges can injure anyone in the house. Therefore, avail refinishing services to ensure safety around the house. 

  1. Limits Pests 
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Dirt accumulation in the crevices of your floorboards can attract various pests. However, effective hardwood refinishing will install protective layers to your flooring, limiting all kinds of insects. 

The Bottom Line 

Reach out to Five Star Hardwood Floors if you’re looking for hardwood floor dustless refinishing in Bellevue. Their team of experts install, refinish, and provide other additional flooring services at affordable rates. Call them today for more details!  

About The Author 

Jane Shelly has recently completed her Master’s in interior design from a reputable university. She is currently working with Five Star Hardwood Floors to reach out to a maximum audience who wish to improve and maintain their interior integrity.

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