Best 5 Places To Visit In Kasol & Around It


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Himachal Pradesh and its villages are famous for their off-the-radar in the Himalayas. Whoever goes Kasol, of different ages of people talks about Kasol and its different versions. Kasol is situated near on Parvati river along with other villages.

Also, the Manikaran Sahib is another significant influence in the region of the Sikh community which is known for its hot water. 

The Total Distance of Kasol from Delhi is around 520km and lies 33km from Bhuntar and 4 km before the Manikaran Sahib. Kasol is blessed with amazing weather throughout the year. It remains pleasant in summers and blesses us with snow in the winter seasons. Kasol looks beautiful During the Monsoon, a beautiful green landscape with lush forest along with the Parvati river flowing underneath looks just amazing.

Best time to visit

From March to June is the best time to plan a trip to Kasol. Summer months provide pleasant weather of 15-degree temperature so the visitors from every corner of India can visit and enjoy the trek in Kasol.

How to Reach

Kasol’s trip can be taken in many ways. If you choose by Air, the nearest airport is Kasol in Bhuntar. If you choose to go by train, Joginder Nagar railway station is the nearest railway station to Kasol is which is 144 km away. After reaching to railway station you have to take a Cab to reach Kasol which will take 4-5 hours.

And, if you choose to go by road from Delhi to Kasol, the total driving distance is 565 km and it takes 12 hours of driving time.

Now we will discuss the places to visit in Kasol and near to Kasol.


Manikaran Sahib is located in har har ghat in the Kullu district. It is just 15 minutes away from Kasol on Manikaran Road.  Manikaran Sahib is one of the Best Places to visit near Kasol. Manikaran Sahib is famous for its Hot springs considered to be sacred. In these hot springs, food is cooked in these hot springs and consumed as divine. Also bathing in this water is considered to be another spiritual act. These activities keep remaining 24 hours in this Gurudwara. There are three Hot springs where one can take a bath these springs attract pilgrims and tourists. 


In the village Kasol, Parvati valley seems like no other place in Himachal Pradesh. Parvati valley has gained a population in recent decades. Parvati valley is not ideal for adventure activities but you can test your hand in fishing while sun-basking.

Parvati valley offers you lush green and snow-covered mountains. Not only because of the natural beauty of the Parvati valley, but it is famous for many reasons. Parvati river is one of the major tourist attractions in Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. 


Kheerganga lies in the region where the Parvati river ends. Kheerganga is the last village in Kasol that crosses as you trek your way through the pin- Parvati pass. With lush greenery and the wide blue sky, the whole vista will simply steal your heart. Kheerganga is situated midst of Parvati valley at the altitude of 2950 m and is 97 km away from Manali. So if you are a travel junkie you must visit this beautiful place once in your life. 

It is believed that Lord Kartikeya, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvati meditated in the caves here for so many years and finally Goddess Parvati come here to take Kartikey back and goddess Parvati flowed a river of Kheer( A desert of milk and rice). 

It is also believed that a bath in this Hot spring relieves all your diseases. Although there is a scientific story of this hot spring. 

If we talk about the trek, the  Kheerganga trek starts from the Barsaini near Bhuntar which is well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh road. 


Tosh village is another most visited destination in Kasol It is located at an altitude of 2400m above sea level. This small village is located on the bank of the tosh river. Tosh is an offbeat tourist attraction in Kasol. If you are willing to do the Trek in Tosh village, this will start from the base of Kheerganga. These scenic routes look so beautiful during the winters. Tosh village trek offers an amazing scenic view and mesmerizing hilltop view along with a trekking experience that will keep you close to nature. 


Wherever you plan to go in Himachal Pradesh, the Kasol trip will give you the best memorable experience. These discussed places will help you plan your upcoming winter trips to Kasol successfully.

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