Asian dresses and styles are known everywhere for their uniqueness, diversity, and going beyond the art of versatility and creativity. And if Asian wedding Clothes become a part of this conversation, the whole concept becomes a little extra

The things you expect when attending an Asian wedding are beyond imaginable. And say if you are attending an Indian or a Pakistani wedding, you would be double-taking every person walking your way at every step you take. It is no secret that Asian Wedding clothes are as diverse as the people belonging to that region. From tasteful, delicate outfits to bold, bright, and vibrant assembles, what do you not like about Asian style?

Wedding to attend this Season

Do you have a wedding to attend this season? Are you looking for colourful Asian Wedding collection in the UK? Well, fortunately, you have landed on the right page. 

Libas e Jamila Fashion clothing brand, is the best online portal for Asian Wedding Clothes collection one could find on this platform. The brand prides itself by launching the best wedding collection outfits you can wear at any event, excluding the main. Whether you are a bride yourself looking for royal ensembles to add to your trousseau collection or a bridesmaid wishing you shine the fullest on the main event. 

Moreover, Libas e Jamila’s assures the clients to give every assiduous detail to their wedding clothes collection, which is needed to make up the perfect wedding clothes you are looking for. Clothes that are teeming with elegance, proof of celebration of love in the beautiful ancient cultures, and a spitting image of our beautiful heritage and custom, Libas e Jamila clothing brand is proud to launch many stunning collections. They are created exclusively, keeping in mind the endowment of both once-shared lands, the current trends, and the customers’ likes here in the UK. 

If you are looking for the best Asian Wedding collection ideas, Libas e Jamila Gharara suits collection will feed your interests the best. The collection is exquisitely framed with beautiful Gold Embroidery, Thread work, Motif, and pearl work that will make you look enchanting.  

Indian and Pakistani weddings are famous for their Lavish

The Indian and Pakistani weddings are famous for their lavish, intricate, and squandering settings, rituals, food, and, of course, clothing. Asian weddings, predominately Indian and Pakistani marriages, are multi-day events consisting of the pre-wedding, main event, and post-wedding occasions and gatherings. It means more clothes and more visits to the boutiques. 

But thanks to today’s modern technology and the evolution in fashion and trends, it is relatively easy to go for full shopping sprints for weddings. Minus the long list of classical and traditional designs options that make it difficult for everyone, of course. Just as it is, we are also highly aware of the fussiness and restlessness felt while shopping for the most fantasized Sharara dress for the big day. 

What Dress to choose for weddings?

When it is the season for weddings, be they Indian or Pakistani, Sarees, Lahenga choli, Shalwar kameez, Ghagra, and Anarkali dresses are the most picked clothes for the occasion. Part of the reason is that they are one of the overlong enduring fashion icons for women. Not only that, people from both the lands are very much in love with their culture and heritage. And that is why the good-old fashion never dies down, much like their love. 

1. Gharara suits for Bridesmaids

Gharara suits are a go-to-wear for the bridesmaids, including the bride as well. However, the similarity in the dress code does not take away the bride’s spotlight, and the designers make sure of it. One thing that we absolutely adore about Asian wedding is that they can be worn and designed in different styles, though called the name.  

A Ghrara suit looks beautiful and classy in every colour. However, the top favourites are always reds or different shades of Pink and Gold, as they represent marital bliss. Moreover, the draping style of Dupatta also makes every Gharara suit different from the others. 

2. Saree for Women

Saree suit, the must-wear for every woman, irrespective of their status and direct relation to the bride and groom, is the highlight of every wedding. Anarkali, Sharara Choli, Gharara dress, and Shalwar Kameez do not come far behind.

3. Wedding Anarkali Dress

This modern-full length dress has become a part of today’s Asian weddings since the old fashion came back in vogues. Apart from the girls’ love and adoration towards Anarkali dresses that helped bring them back into the trends, designers have also made it clear they are not abandoning culture’s heritage. Hence why they have made sure to retain the traditions and Asian heritage hereditament.

Anarkali dresses have light and heavy embroidered work done, making them the best pick for parties, the main event, and post-wedding affairs. The three-piece suit, consisting of a Churidar Pajama, a heavily embroidered Dupatta, and the long, maxi-length shirt, gives a youthful, chic, and modish look. 

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