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Many livestock farms and ranches don’t know the visibility to manage their livestock effectively. Folio3 Animal Care Practice deciphers this problem by offering specially designed cattle management software to commercial and registered beef cattle farms. Commercial cattle producers can use our software to track livestock production and performance information as well as record Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs), pedigrees, multiple ownership, and record semen and embryo inventory.

With our cattle software, ranches can simply manage and edit date i.e. pedigrees, source, weight records, medical records and more can be viewed and edited for each individual animal. Users can specify certain fields as group fields, which means that all animals in the group will have the same value. We also help ranchers use radio frequency identification (RFID), electronic identification (EID) devices, built-in ear tag sensors, and third-party GIS or GPS software to easily track livestock.

cattle management software

Our livestock management experts can help you easily communicate with breed associations and comply with regulatory standards set by the USDA, FDA, FSIS. With our comprehensive farm management software, cattle producers have complete control over workers, field management, accounting, maintenance and more. An interactive dashboard helps management track the progress of each task and record the submission so that problems can be prevented before they occur. Digitize your beef cattle management practices so your bookkeepers don’t have to keep paper records of livestock.

Management Reports

Get real-time information on cattle production and performance. The panel displays up-to-date information on the cattle population, upcoming calf births and upcoming events.

Alerts & Notifications

Our rancher software notifies you immediately when standard operating procedures are not being followed. This allows quality issues to be fixed as they arise.

Search Cattle

The search function works by individual animal identification, ear tag or group number, making it easy for cattle managers to quickly locate and locate the livestock they are looking for.

Folio3 provides customize solutions to meet your business requirements. They have trusted clients such as Zoetis, Angus Media, Petzam and Agri Beef. You can visit Folio3 Animal Care website to get the more information and talk with farm management software experts.

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