A western drama that was released in 2018, Yellowstone quickly gained popularity due to its intense storyline. Although a western is not a highly coveted genre for modern day viewers, this series is definitely notable. The plot is thrilling and intelligently woven while the rolling hills and expansive fields are beautiful to behold.

The original Yellowstone design concept

Apart from the obvious attractive ingredients, the series also has an amazing wardrobe sported by the cast. The designer Ruth E. Carter was approached by the creator of Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan to work on the outfits. The interesting requirement of the task Sheridan handed her, was to rejuvenate Western clothing.

The Oscar winner designer who previously gave us the incredible costumes in Black Panther, was skeptical about the idea. Sheridan communicated his ideas to her about how he wanted her to show a different side of Western fashion. He related how the clothes can be hip-hop and even influence many modern styles. He wanted her to style a wardrobe for Yellowstone with all these concepts in mind.

The designing process

After her initial doubt, the Emmy nominee designer started to research in depth. She went through both cowboy and Native American culture to bring Yellowstone characters to life. Carter realized from her study that western wear does pertain to certain types. The old school cowboys were into high quality wear. Their jeans were extremely starched, the shirts pristine and boots broken in and well-worn, yet not lacking in class. Craftsmanship was top priority and that is the beauty of traditional Western wear.

Carter’s ultimate creations showcased in Yellowstone stick to the classic jeans and plaid attire. But they are also tastefully infused with modern fashion by mixing new and vintage styles. Kevin Costner who plays John Dutton in the show got a customized closet just to himself. He is the patriarch of the Dutton family who owns the largest ranch on the block. To signify that he had to have a specifically styled wardrobe that set him apart. It is no surprise that the whole cast looks as splendid as it does after such detailed research.

It is only understandable that just watching the series on the screen is not enough for the fans. The show can serve as quite an inspiration with its fashion sense. With the myriad of ensembles worn in the show there are pieces to fit any age or preference. If you are obsessed with the outfits as much as we are, read on to know more about them.

Best outfits from Yellowstone

  1. Beth Dutton’s blue jacket

The female lead, Beth Dutton, has an extremely attractive wardrobe. She mostly wears expensive pieces but there are also affordable replicas that you can include in your wardrobe.  For instance, the Beth Dutton blue coat is easily available and looks incredibly classy. There are more practical options worn by the family members in the show as well.

  • Duck Wesley coat

The weathered Duck Wesley Coat worn by Monica Dutton in some scenes is absolutely lovely. It looks amazing and is functional enough to keep out harsh weather. It is a coat that conveys toughness and confidence. While still being fun and flattering on your figure. Adjustable side buttons are provided at the back which makes for great detail. A stash pocket and extremely soft lining takes the coat’s practicality and comfort to another level.

  • Wildwood jacket

Beth Dutton has a great variety of beautiful jackets which she parades around in the show. The weathered Wildwood has a more fitted and slimmer cut in comparison to Duck Wesley. An inner stash and zip chest pockets gives plenty of storage room to this coat. The faux shearling collar makes the piece look effortlessly chic and elegant. It is a great choice to wear while travelling or just as a daily outerwear for winters.

  • Plaid top and orange fur coat

Beth Dutton is repeatedly mentioned in this outfit guide as she is simply the queen of fashion in Yellowstone. You can never go wrong with a plaid shirt and especially the one worn by her in the show. Although it does appear in a very disturbing scene, the shirt is great for comfortable wear. Not to mention it is the epitome of trendy Western wear.

The fuzzy orange coat on the other hand is pure runway material. Beth looks extremely striking in it and so would you. Add it to your collection to suavely saunter around the block with this heavy plush luxuriousness. It does seem to be steeply priced, but you can find this Yellowstone coat for sale on our website.

  • Leopard print coat

The leopard print fur coat remains iconic regardless of the rise and fall of fashion trends. It can upgrade your look the moment you put it on. Spoilers not intended but the coat still looks resplendent despite Beth’s beat-up appearance at that point. The single-breasted style makes it the trendiest of wears. Being mid-length, it makes the coat practical enough for daily wear.

These were some of the most prestigious pieces that stand out in the Yellowstone outfit collection. The show focuses with much devotion on how the cast is dressed up. Each of the actors have their unique fashion that ultimately fits in with the modern Western attire theme.

The best thing for fans is that there are numerous pieces which can be worn in real life. Like the clothing pieces we have mentioned here which can be integrated in your daily wear. The only thing you need to do is pair them with other items to either dress them up or down. Mostly for the jackets, all you need is a smart pair of jeans and crisp white shirt. Or to keep it casual a simple white-t shirt can be worn underneath. A dress will also look great under the heavy coats for fancier occasions. There is simply no end to the different looks you can create with the Yellowstone options we have chosen.

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