A friend in need is a friend indeed. Who can be a better friend than dogs, who always remain loyal to their owners, and in return, they want unconditional love from them? With so many dogs available breeds, it can be a difficult choice to find the best breeds amongst all. You will come to know the benefits of owning a dog at your home below.

Benefits Of Owning A Dog

A few of the reasons and benefits of owning a pet dog are

  • They are like a mood booster for you- Spending just a few minutes with them can uplift your mood and make you feel more calm and relaxed. Whenever you feel down, remember your pet dog is a constant companion always there for you.
  • The higher recovery rate from illnesses- Those who own dogs are scientifically proved to recover fast from illnesses than non-owners of dogs.
  • It encourages you to be physically fit- Since your dog requires daily exercise; therefore, you are encouraged to exercise regularly. This helps in improving your physical health.
  • They help in improving your social interaction skills- This sounds weird, right? The fact is that dogs are also social beings who love to play with other pets in the playground. Thus, it gives you a chance to meet and interact with new people as well.
  • It makes you more responsible, mature, and a selfless human being.

Best Dog Breeds To Own For Home

Before making a choice regarding which breed of best dog for home, you should weigh all the factors concerning your home and family situation. Also, calculate how much money and time you can spend on dogs’ playing, feeding schedule, etc.  A few of the best dog breeds available for home are

  • Labrador Retriever- This breed of dog is one of the most intelligent and loyal breeds. They are easy to train and like to get along with people, especially kids at home.
  • Beagle-Their liveliness and intelligence are to die for. If you are looking for a breed of dogs that doesn’t grow too big, then beagles can be one of the right choices.
  • German Shepherd- It has all the good qualities like loyalty, protectiveness, and versatility. They are great companies for kids at home and are suspicious of strangers. Due to their high intelligence, they come under the category of working dogs, which can work the whole day and then return to their home at night.
  • Dachshund- These multitalented creatures are energetic, independent, and courageous. Since they can become aggressive sometimes, therefore this breed should be avoided to be owned if there are kids at your home. The new pet owners of this breed should consider that Dachshund can face some health issues too.
  • Pomeranian- They are very popular in the United States. They can be trained easily and must be groomed regularly. Pomeranian is good with kids and can adjust to any climate conditions.
  • Pug- Belonging to the canine family of pets, they are both loyal and intelligent. They can adapt to all living conditions and climates except extreme heat. They are great house dogs and friendly with kids as well.
  • Greyhound- Gifted with intelligence and talent, this breed of dog can participate in various activities like hunting, racing, and agility. It needs plenty of exercise to survive in any living condition. Since it is easy to train thus, you can consider it as one of the breeds of dogs to own.
  • Bulldog- Having a muscular build, these are among the best dog breeds to own for home. They are extremely loyal to their owners and are said to form strong bonds with kids.

In a nutshell, after going through many pet dogs’ breeds above and the reasons for owning the best dog for home, you can easily make a choice that suits your budget and for which you can take out the necessary time for their training, feeding, etc.

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