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Your holidays turn out more joyous in Dubai when you make a move to its conservation reserve. The Emirates holds firm recognition globally not only because of its skyscrapers but also due to the gifted golden plains. The recreational activities installed at the Arabian dunes make this place worth visiting. 

So if you are planning to pick an itinerary to desert safari Dubai, here’s a quick guide on how to choose it. We, by the way, picked Happy desert safari during our stay in Dubai and had a timeless experience with them. 

How to Choose Best Itinerary to desert Safari in Dubai 

What’s the Best Time for a Visit

The welcoming hosts of happy desert safari offered different tour packages out of which we had to choose what goes with our availability. You, on the contrary, will also be offered the following options by your itinerary:

  • Morning Desert Safari

This safari is escpecailly designed for those who are morning persons or having a limited time in Dubai. Delta Airlines 1800 Number Book your any flights .So they could this thrilling tour with in 4 hours. If you are running in the nick of time and want to cover the best parts of Dubai, a morning expedition is recommended. This will secure the other half of your day for the city tour. A standard morning tour offers sightseeing under the rising sun, hot air ballooning, sand sports, and morning breakfast. 

  • Evening Desert Safari

This is the most popular itinerary among tourists as it offers a plethora of entertainment and cultural activities. It is typically for six hours and allows you to enjoy the magical views of the sunset. The spirits of dune activities, bone fire, and tempting dinner are also there in an evening tour to the Arabian dunes.

  • Overnight Desert Safari

Dedicate one night of your life to the home of magical dunes and you’ll never forget it. If the occult of the Arabian dunes has captivated you & you want to spend some extra hours here, go for a night stay here. This will allow you to behold the magical sunrise. It’s the lengthiest expedition to the dunes of Arabia and offers a great camping experience at night. 

  • VIP Desert Safari

You can also opt for a private expedition to the Arabian terrain. It offers a luxurious stay in the cosy camps. Including extended time for sand sports, lavish camps, table services for lunch and dinner, and pick up in a luxurious vehicle. It’s a good pick if you are want to plan a unique sort of celebration. What would be more classic than celebrating an event in the sand sea?!

What it Offers?

  • Enthralling Sandsports

The most arresting perks on this land of nomads are its sand sports. Out of these, you can enjoy dune bashing, fat bicycling, ATV biking, and sandboarding. A camel ride is also available in the crazy arena of the dunes. Dune bashing is the most favourite activity of the public. In dune bashing, you are seated in a 4×4 offroad SUV and cover the buoyant dunes. 

A skilled driver takes as many as five people in a dune buggy, a hummer, or land cruiser, across the dunes. Similarly, a quad bike allows you to cross the high dunes by yourself. Sandboarding and camel riding are usually offered complementary in most of the tour packages. 

  • Sightseeing 

The majestic landscape of the terrain arrests everyone to its occult. The far spread golden cloak of the earth is just spellbound during the different apex of the sun. If you are here before sunrise, you created a chance to witness the most aesthetic dawn of your lifetime. The beauteous cantaloupe of sunset takes the whole terrain in lovely hues of the evening.

 You’ll observe rare species of exquisite wildlife as well. These include gazelles, oryx, eagle owls, hawks, and hyenas. Stargazing while overnight camping is an exclusive happening at the Arabian dunes. You also have a chance of capturing the colourful campsites where lots of cultural activities are going on.

  • Camping

Get overwhelmed by an amazing camping experience in the middle of a nomad’s home. The colourful campsites are of alluring ambience and eye-catching. These camps are pitched efficiently based on the old Bedouin lifestyle. The ambience reflects the traditional living of the Arabs. They are cosy supplies installed in your resting pavilion. You can also peg your tent in an overnight expedition. It’s a great opportunity to spend an adventurous night with your squad in an infinite sand sea.

  • Entertainment

Evening and overnight desert safari bring an opportunity to get exposure to the vivid culture of the UAE. There are stunning dance forms and artistic depictions of the Arabian culture, performed by the artists. The live shows depict Tanura dance in which the spinning movements of the mystics in colourful cloaks captivate everyone. 

Belly dance is another striking dance form portrayed by the stunning belly dancers. Moreover, there is a fire show, stickman show, and the cultural Khaleeji dance depiction that leaves the audience in awe.

  • Buffet

The BBQ and buffet regalian at the Arabian dunes provoke your hunger! Enjoy the middle-eastern flavours from a variety of Arabian cuisines right from the buffet table. Presenting a luscious breakfast at your table after exhilarating sand activities is a unique way of wishing the guests a happy morning. Whereas, the dinner is presented at the buffet along with the charcoal roasted BBQ. 

Recharge yourself with the unlimited free supply of refreshing soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and Arabian coffee. All these succulent delights are worth every bite. 


So this was a quick guide on how to choose a perfect itinerary that covers all your dreams to live a happy day in the middle of a barren. Choose a package that suits you best. You’ll be provided with all the city-like facilities like we were given by Happy desert safari. Whether you visit the dunes in the morning, evening, or night, their countless charms are enough to endow you with a happy vacation.

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