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Each year the amazing talent and energy of musicians, writers, actors, and other incredible minds manifests itself in new shows coming to Broadway in New York City.  Generally there is a healthy dose of new plays and new musicals so that there is enough to satisfy just about every fan out there. 

One of the most spectacular new musicals to come to Broadway recently is Hadestown.  This new musical won almost all of the Tony Awards in its categories, so naturally many fans are asking where is Hadestown playing.  The musical is currently available both on Broadway in NYC but also in London and on the North American Tour.  

Another new dazzling musical to hit Broadway recently is Jagged Little Pill.  This musical uses a world famous album released years ago to tackle some very challenging and complex cultural and societal issues facing all of us across the globe.  Fans are eagerly seeking Jagged Little Pill tickets so they can experience the excitement.  

New York City is famous for its Broadway which is located between Times Square and 53rd Street. The theatre-going experience is among the best in the world. The popularity of Broadway has inspired many musicals and plays to be produced and directed here. It has even earned the respect of the Nobel Prize laureates. There are several places in New York City where you can attend a show or two.

Many of the most popular shows are held at the world famous Broadway Palace. Broadway is an avenue in the U.S. city of New York situated along the southern tip of Manhattan Island. Broadway runs from State Street to Bowling Green and 2nd Avenue through the borough of Manhattan, ending north of New York City at Jay Street. One of the most popular Broadway shows is “Hairspray”. This musical plays a large role as far as musicals are concerned in terms of popularity.

The best places to view a Broadway show are the various theatres around Times Square. The best time to catch a Broadway show is when the New York theatres are having their matinees. The matinee season starts from mid-September and last for about a week. So it is advised that you book tickets in advance. The matinees are sold out at times, but you can still get good bargains at off-broadway shows.

Another way to view a Broadway show is to visit the TKTS booth. The TKTS booth is located inside the famous Times Square venue. The theatre advertising company is responsible for getting people inside and outside the theatre so that they can have a chance to watch a Broadway show. The theatre offers both standard tickets and VIP tickets to its shows. You can also buy a discounted gift or cover a few pounds more than usual.

Other shows that are popular with tourists are “Dear John” and” bearings”. These two shows have excellent quality, and most visitors plan to spend the entire night at the booth to enjoy the show and a very comfortable night’s sleep. Many times tourists also visit the different nightclubs located near the Times Square area, to enjoy the evening with fellow travelers. The best times to visit these clubs are during the weekday nights, from late December to early January.

Many times people decide to visit the theatre during the evening as well. During the peak season, the Times Square venue becomes very busy with people trying to watch a Broadway new play or musical. If you would like to avoid the Times Square rush, try visiting the theatres in mid-week when there is no major show going on. The test booths and the ticket window are usually open at this time.

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