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Having a child requires a great deal of physical and mental energy. After all, you’re carrying a child within that gorgeous bump. Getting enough sleep during pregnancy may be challenging, particularly during the second and third trimesters, when figuring out the best sleeping posture becomes increasingly challenging to achieve. Snuggling up to a pregnancy cushion may make a world of difference during pregnancy.

Why Is It Necessary To Use A Body Pillow For Pregnant Women?

Unfortunately, side sleeping is the best option during pregnancy, which is terrible news for back and stomach sleepers. Because of the apparent reasons, stomach sleeping is out of the question – resting on a beach ball that kicks aren’t restful. On the other hand, back sleeping is not recommended since it might compress a critical vein that supplies blood to your baby.

That means that when you’re farther along in your pregnancy, side sleeping is the only choice. However, your developing belly will also place extra pressure on your hips and back, necessitating the use of a pregnant body cushion. Each of these pillows supports different parts of your body; some are for your back, some for your knees, others only for your belly, and others for all of the above. The use of one may help you feel more comfortable when you go to bed at night and can help reduce aches and pains in the morning.

Choosing a Pregnant Pillow: What to Look for

Of course, there are a plethora of various kinds of pregnant pillows available on the market, each with a unique set of characteristics such as varied forms, sizes, materials, and curves. From a U-shaped pregnancy pillow to a pregnancy wedge pillow, each provides something special that might be useful to sleep during pregnancy. U-shaped pregnancy pillows are the most common form. Your tastes will determine the kind of pregnancy body pillow you choose, but there are a few factors to consider while making your selection.

  • Sizing: A pregnancy wedge pillow may vary in size from a bit of wedge that is no larger than a typical pillow up to a U-shaped body cushion that wraps around your whole body from front to back. The amount of space you’re prepared to give up in bed is entirely up to you (and maybe your partner), but it’s something to consider before making a purchase.
  • Shape: Some pillows have a curved shape that allows them to be tucked under your head and between your knees, while others are straight and run parallel to your body. Other pregnant body pillows include a dip in the middle that cradles your growing belly. In some instances, one solution may be more appropriate than another, depending on where you are feeling difficulty. Yet another consideration: If you often swap which side of your bed you sleep on throughout the night (and want to continue doing so even after your bump makes it challenging), you may want to consider a U-shaped pillow so that you won’t have to reposition your pillow every time you turn.
  • Material: If you tend to run hot, a cotton cover may be preferable to one made of polyester, which is less breathable.

How we arrived at our selection of the best pregnancy pillow

To compile this list of the best pregnancy pillows, we conducted a poll of pregnant women to determine which pillows they found to be the most beneficial throughout each of the three trimesters of their pregnancy.

The most fabulous pregnant body pillows are listed below to assist you in (finally) catching some sleep.

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