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Dayton is a bustling city known for its impact on aviation history. It is a bustling metropolis and the county seat of Montgomery. The city grew in popularity as a result of technological advancements and is in a low floodplain of the Great Miami River. It is also the aviation centre of the country, with many manufacturers of various equipment, tools, and parts. Museums abound, providing many opportunities to learn about local history and culture. Many parks offer respite from the city’s bustle.

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1 America’s Packard Museum

America’s Packard Museum is a popular destination for car enthusiasts in Dayton, Ohio. It is the world’s only restored Packard museum and is inside what was once a Packard dealership. It’s also one of the best auto museums in America! America’s Packard Museum, which opened in 1992, houses an extensive collection of related memorabilia and exhibits. You’ll be able to see a variety of stunning classic Packards from the twentieth century, some dating back to 1903. 

2 Dayton Dragons Baseball

Dayton’s minor league baseball team is the Dayton Dragons. They hold the record for the most consecutive sold-out professional games, with over 800. You must add their games to your list of things to see with a record like that! The Dayton Dragons play their home games at Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio, and have incredible high-energy games. You don’t need to be a sports fan to enjoy yourself as a spectator!

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3 Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is one of Dayton’s more solemn attractions. It is significant in Ohio because it is one of the country’s oldest rural garden cemeteries. It has over 110,000 people buried in its resting grounds, which cover 200 acres. Many of these are well-known people’s graves, such as Paul Laurence Dunbar, Erma Bombeck, and the Wright brothers. This chapel is home to a stunning Tiffany window, one of the country’s finest genuine examples.

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4 Performing Arts Center of Benjamin and Marian Schuster

The Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center is an entertainment centre for the community. This stage is home to many Dayton and Ohio performing companies. , the centre is in an old department store! Seasonal and travelling acts perform here, and the events calendar is always full. You can also explore the center’s restaurants and winter garden!

5 Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill

Another place to visit in Dayton, Ohio dedicated to the Wright brothers is Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill. Orville Wright and his family lived in this house beginning in 1914. Wilbur Wright ended up dead before the house could be finished. The city was only a small suburb at the time! As the brothers’ fame grew, the large mansion of Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill. A water softener for shower use, a buzzer system, and a chair with an adjustable footstool and reading stand were also provided.

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6 SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park

SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park first opened its doors in 1988. It’s an open-air museum with a recreated Native American village based on one that existed here 800 years ago. For history buffs, it’s now one of the best things to do in Dayton, Ohio. The SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park is a hidden gem near the Great Miami River. 

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