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What is an EMR? 

The term EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and as the name for this software suggests, they very much have to do with managing medical records for patients however this is not all they are equipped to do these days. EMR software today is capable of doing almost anything; from billing to practice management. If you are looking for a Podiatry EMR which does it all, we can help you out with that as well. We have compiled a list of the best Podiatry EMR in the market that you can look at for your needs! 

Best Podiatry Software 

AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD EHR is one of the most popular EHRs in the market. And since the software has several templates for a myriad of different specialties, Podiatry happens to be one of them. The reason we have included this software in our list of best Podiatry EMR is because it happens to be a great option because of the various features it has. From medical billing, to telemedicine functionality and financial analytics for future projections; this software does it all. A lot of Podiatry EMR reviews talk about how versatile it is. 

Sammy EHR

This is another very popular choice for a Podiatry EMR because of the features it has that greatly benefit any Podiatry medical practice. Sammy EMR has voice recognition which means you are fully able to dictate your notes and the system recognizes them. The charting feature in this software is also pretty great since it makes patient charts easier hence they are easier to read as well so treating patients is simpler and more efficient all around! This is what makes Sammy EHR one of the best Podiatry EMR. 


While RXNT is not a very popular name in the EMR world, it definitely holds its own in our list of best Podiatry EMR software. We placed it in our list after Sammy EMR for a number of reasons. From appointment scheduling to telemedicine capabilities; this software has a lot of great features. One of the most popular features which puts this software at a solid position in our list of best Podiatry EMR is the patient portal feature which allows for patients to take control of their healthcare and be able to schedule appointments as well as communicate with the doctor through the portal. 


AthenaOne is one of the most popular software in the market and has been around for a while. What makes it a good choice and one of the best Podiatry EMR is the various features which help in running medical practices much more efficiently. From e-Prescribing medication, to being able to schedule patient appointments; this software helps you perform every task very efficiently which makes it a great option for your Podiatry EMR. 

Kareo Clinical EHR

You have probably heard of Kareo Clinical EHR time and again from various doctors no matter what their speciality is. This is because of how far reaching the features of this software are and how it suits several specializations and thus also works well as a Podiatry EMR. This software will help you with managing your claims with a better success rate as well as reduce no-shows for appointments for your practice. Overall, it is a great software which is why it is in our list for best Podiatry EMR. 

What Podiatry EMR Should you Invest in?

Now that we have given you a run down for several Medical EMRs, you are probably wondering which one we recommend. However, we cannot make this decision for you. But we can give you tips on how to make this decision for yourself. We suggest that you first start off with making a list of all the features you would hope to have in your Podiatry EMR. Once you do this you can compare the list to all the features available in the various software you are considering and choose the one which has most features you need. Other than this, you should also ask the vendor for a demo for the software. For example, you can ask for a Sammy EMR demo to check how this software would fare at your practice. We also suggest you thoroughly read through various Podiatry EMR reviews before you make a final decision. 

All in all, it would be best to ensure that you are making the best decision for yourself and choose the best Podiatry EMR.
If all of these tricks still do not help you come to a conclusion of which Podiatry EMR to choose, we recommend that you talk to a consultant who can best guide you about what EMR software would be the best fit for your medical practice. We hope these tips help you find a suitable Podiatry EMR for your medical practice.

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