traveling with your pettraveling with your pet


There has been a massive increase in the number of passengers wanting to travel along with their pets and are approaching different airlines to book the seats before as soon as the window opens. By looking at the number of requests inclined, carriers are now implying that the rule on pets travels more strictly because they aim at the safety of humans and others at an utmost priority. When the restrictions are imposed on travelers, they limit the chances of danger by reducing the number of entries. To fall under the unrestricted access, you must agree to all the rules implied by the airline and make sure you are not planning the travel without reading the instructions carefully.

The concern regarding safe travel is genuinely bothering looking at the statistics recorded for the past few years. The world has faced many tragedies, while pet moving services and taking responsibility for such casualties are a matter of distress. The laws imposed by animal welfare organizations have also suggested doing the same as they cannot allow risking any life.

Many people are planning a trip with their pet for the first time and may be very confused regarding what all things are required to be taken care of, and what items you must avoid. 

It’s ideal to start planning ahead of time so that you have plenty of time to ensure that move office in Singapore procedures is in place before the big day.

Here is a small guide to help you-

1. Visit a vet

traveling with your pet
traveling with your pet

As soon as you are confirmed about taking the trip, you must get an appointment with your pet’s vet and get a health certificate, required vaccinations, medicines, and anti-anxiety pills. You must inform the vet about the trip, and ask him if there are any necessary steps you are required to take to ensure safe travel, especially as per the medical history of your pet. It is always beneficial to take professional guidance when you are new to something.

You must also know him if your pet might need a tranquilizer in case if you fail in keeping it calm. Usually, animals are aero phobic and experience breathing problems while traveling by air. You should ask the vet to provide a necessary suggestion to avoid getting into a severe problem due to this. You must also ensure that the health certificate you carry during the travel is not older than 30 days from the day it’s dated. If you plan a trip for more than a month, you must visit a vet and get a new certificate while being in the new location.

2. Identification tags

You must never travel without putting identification tags on your pet. You must also install a GPS microchip to make sure you are able to chase it down easily. This step is extremely important as it helps in getting your pet back in case you lose it or is stolen. The two things act as a low-cost tracking device. The identification must always consist of your contact information to make sure anybody who finds it can easily contact you, and help you get it back.

3. Last-minute planning

traveling with your pet
traveling with your pet

You must not wait for the last minute to finalize the decision if you want to bring your pet to the journey with you, or not. There are many things that you are responsible for before setting foot on the plane, and when you plan it at the last minute, there are high chances that you will not get time to manage everything. To avoid the hassle, you must finalize the decision and start working towards it. You must contact airlines before booking a seat for your pet because many airlines have only a few seats available for the pets, and you must confirm if they are currently available to book.

4. Go through rules and regulations

traveling with your pet
traveling with your pet

Many breeds are not allowed to travel by a few airlines, and you must see if your pet is not falling under that category. Airlines also have a significant dimensioned carriage requirement to follow for your pet, and you must look into it before getting a carriage for your pet during the trip. You must always go through all the points instructed in the guidelines carefully and must contact them in case if you have even the slightest doubt to avoid problems, last minute.

5. Sedate the pet

traveling with your pet
traveling with your pet

To make your pet comfortable with the carriage, you can leave the carriage in the house for a few days. You can also place its essentials in the cage, like a bowl of food, water, and bedding to make it like its home already. This will make the carriage familiar to the pet and would help him ease out in the space. Being comfortable with the carriage while on the journey is essential to stay calm and captive for a pet. If you plan to travel by road, you must go for a short ride to see if your pet is okay when left open and is of no threat to the driver. If the scenario fits right, you might need to put it into a carriage while on the journey. Although, you must always carry the carriage for worse situations.

To avoid any last-minute problems, verify with your chosen airline to see whether an airline-approved pet travel consultant is necessary in order you to flight with dog.

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