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We are surrounded by social media apps and very well connected to the internet. In other words, a lot of people are potential leads for online businesses. This has made the online platform a good source to make good money and become popular. Because of this, many people are shifting to the online platform for growing themselves. The quickest way to grow your reliability among people is by doing interactions through live streams. Not only will you increase your reliability in people’s mind, you can also earn money by doing live streams.

So in this blog, we are going to discuss the best live stream apps you can use to make money and gain a good following. Best Paytm earning apps

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a platform where you can interact with people or show your skills over the internet.Compared to recorded video, it’s very different. As there’s no interaction between the viewer and the user in recorded video, it becomes a one-way communication.  A vital component of live streaming is the presence of a talk room or live chat that allows the users to interact with each other as well as the one hosting the live stream. 

Now that we’re clear with Live Streaming, let’s see the best apps for making money

  1. Twitch- Twitch is a live streaming site for gamers. And if you think it’s a small app, you’re wrong. It has a lot of big personalities who’ve got millions of following.During the start, you don’t start earning from the start. At first, you have to acquire some credits which Twitch calls “Bits” from your viewers. At the point when you have gathered $100 worth of bits,, you can get paid out from.Twitch, and the top personalities are making a tremendous measure of cash. Competition on Twitch will be neck-cutting as a lot of people are making videos there. 
  1. Changa- Changa application is one of the incredible applications that is becoming famous in the short-video category quickly.The User Interface of the app is identical to TikTok, so those coming from TikTok won’t be having any problem in adjusting to it. Alongside this, you have the choice to share videos, WhatsApp status with, Challenges, and substantially more stuff. Users can earn money on the Changa application by live streaming their content. The live video will allow users to come live on the application and show their performance. The viewers will also have the chance to gift the performer in the form of coins.

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  1. Periscope- Periscope is a live streaming application that is famous for live streaming games. It has all the support of Twitter behind it since Twitter procured Periscope before it even launched in 2015. You can download the application from the app store, log in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, allow the application to use your receiver, camera, and location, balance your phone in a tough spot, and press “Go Live”. When your stream has started, you can two-fold tap to turn the camera around so that the viewers can see you.

You can also download changa app from here.

Well that was it for the best apps out there. Hope this helps you.

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