Who doesn’t love online shopping? From a wide variety of products to exclusive deals and sales, you get the best of quality and affordability when you buy things online.

While we all purchase clothes and shoes online every now and then, not many of us have purchased eyewear from online retailers. We are always so skeptical of the quality and whether the frame will fit or not that we choose to drop the idea.

If you also feel like you need a little more training and tips to buy glasses online, this is the blog for you. We are going to talk about some simple steps that will help you make sure you don’t end up buying the wrong pair.

Things to keep in mind when buying eyewear online

Read these tips before you buy your next pair of glasses online.

Know your face shape

There are so many frame styles on online websites. Seeing such huge options can be overwhelming. And all of these glasses look great on the models wearing them. It could easily trick you into thinking that they will look good on you as well.

However, things won’t always turn out in your favour. Different styles of glasses look good on different face shapes. For example, those who have soft facial features with no angles look better behind square or rectangular frames. Likewise, those with a strong jawline and angles look their best in soft shapes such as round glasses or circular specs.

So the next time you are searching for frames for men’s or women’s glasses online, look at what are the best options for you and choose from those options.

Seek help from your current frame

If you are not so sure about your facial measurements and wondering if a particular frame will fit your face, turn to your current frame for help.

If your existing eyeglass frame fits like a glove, measure its width, nose bridge and temple arms with a measuring tape. Enter the exact numbers when asked for your facial measurements. Even if you’ve bought a pair that is a little too tight or loose on your face, take the frame to an optician and get it fixed.

There is no way that you should put up with a misfit frame. It will cause headaches and won’t give you the exact style appeal you were expecting from your designer glasses frame.

Have your eye prescription ready

If you are buying glasses as your eyes need them to see clearly, do not skip this step. Your lenses have your prescription strength that helps your eyes see clearly. And with the passage of time or unhealthy lifestyle habits, this prescription may change every two years.

To make sure that your glasses give you the best visual performance, they must have your latest prescription on the lenses.

You can get an eye test to have your latest lens power. But you must get this test before buying glasses as you need to give this information before placing the order.

Take a 3D trial

Most websites have this option where the customers can try on the frames virtually using the 3D mirror. You just need to upload your photo and with the help of the tool, you can see how a frame is going to look on your face. Don’t forget to use this option when buying prescription or non-prescription glasses.

It may not be as realistic as trying out glasses in person, however, it gives you a good idea of whether a certain frame suits your face shape and aesthetics or not.

Choose lens coatings

Here comes a little technical part. Every coating that you choose for your lenses should be selected carefully keeping your lifestyle in mind.

If you have a 9 to 5 job that includes screen time, having a blue light coating on your men’s glasses is a smart idea. If you don’t want reflections on your lenses, an anti-reflective coating is a good choice. It will enhance your field of vision and you won’t be blinded by glare in bright light environments.

Check the return policy

Check the return policy of the retailer. If you don’t end up liking the product, it is good to know whether you get a full refund or not. Most retailers have a clear return policy on their website. Make sure you read it and then decide if you want to buy from them.

Look for free delivery

Buying online glasses lets you save on the cost. It is a lot cheaper than the expensive glasses available at the optical stores. There are some retailers who also provide free delivery for glasses and sunglasses. If you buy from them, you will be exempted from paying the delivery charges as well and hence more savings.

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