Before you scream out loud upon seeing those creepy black discharges coming out of your drain for the first time, do what you have to do – find out what these are by doing your due diligence, or else, consult a plumber. 

Once you notice that your drain is starting to leak some black stuff, experts would advise you to refrain from using it until you have done some action to eliminate the problem.

According to the plumbing masters, there are several causes of the black stuff found on drains such as decaying biological materials, developing moulds and mildew, sewage backing up or a combination of all. Definitely, it’s bacteria sticking to waste matters!

What the Black Discharges Mean

The foul-smelling black debris you see emerging from your sink contains decaying biological materials such as hair, shaving cream residue, soap scum, toothpaste grit, oil, grease, and lots of other things. Clogs in the drain, mostly caused by these matters, are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria to grow. Bacteria thrive on these decaying matters as their source of food and as they grow over time, it makes the debris appear black.

What to Do with the Black Discharges

Cleaning away your drain regularly can help remove the black sludge. Pouring drain cleaners down the drain can help loosen the debris but most commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that pose a health hazard as well as damage to your pipes in the long run.

Try to pour boiling water into the drain as this can soften and break the debris apart, and eventually remove the clog. Next, use a plunger to suck the black stuff then flush the drain to get rid of the clog.

Or else, look around your cupboard to find a non-hazardous solution like baking soda. It doesn’t contain abrasive substances and while it deodorises, baking soda also breaks up the black debris if poured on the drain. Let it stay for a few minutes before flushing.

Another home solution is baking powder and distilled white vinegar poured into the drain which produces froth after several minutes. Pour hot water on the drain and after five minutes run cold water.

Sewage Backing Up and What to Do

Another cause of black discharge through the sink is sewage backup which might also be due to a problem in the main sewer system. If you have a sink on the lower level of your home, you may find sewage backup discharged on the first drain openings since normally, sewage backup stays on the lowermost part of the system.

What you can do is to notify your local sewerage company. Furthermore, if the problem is a full septic tank, then that has to be emptied by a reliable septic tank emptying service. You can also call drain repairs Melbourne experts when there is clogging in the pipelines.

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