Ensuring top ranking in the Google search engine results is a dream that almost every website owner harbors in their heart. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at some of the black hat SEO techniques that can ruin your ranking.

Stuffing Keywords

Though keywords help in enhancing SEO ranking, overusing them, or stuffing keywords almost everywhere in your website content can do more harm than good.

Copying Content

Using duplicate content is never a healthy practice for ensuring good SEO ranking. While creating unique and fresh content is a mandatory part of the white SEO technique, copying content or duplicity of the content of any kind not only results in plagiarism detection but also harms the ranking.

Hidden Links and Texts

Using hidden texts and links that have no such significance to the content can also damage your SEO ranking as search engine spiders can easily identify such hidden content parts.

Spinning Content

If you think that by spinning content or by replacing words from the content with synonyms, you can evade plagiarism detection and content duplicity, then know that Google search engine crawlers will find this article spinning and simply destroy your ranking.

Irrelevant Content and Keywords

The use of poor quality content and irrelevant keywords never gets you anywhere closer to improving your SEO ranking. Once detected, Google identifies websites with irrelevant keywords and poor content to be suspicious.


Fake clickbait is another black hat SEO technique that is believed to mislead internet users. Making the internet users see a topic and presenting them with something completely different once they click on it, is enough to crush your SEO ranking.

Page Swapping

Do you know page swapping can also earn your Google penalty? If you swap a page that has a good ranking in Google with a page containing completely different content, it can ruin the ranking.

Paid Links

A paid link is another black hat SEO technique that can ruin your ranking. As a website owner, buying or selling links, even opting for paid guest posts evokes suspicion of the search engines as they tend to mislead searchers.


Hacked pages or websites may offer an instant temporary ranking boost by directing the users clicking on that page to your products or website, but it’s nothing long-lasting. Plus, once detected, Google simply blacklists such websites.

Misspelled Domain Names

Have you ever thought of using potential typos for redirecting users to different websites? Well, then beware, as domain squatting is a shady practice and contribute tremendously in destroying one’s search engine ranking. To better use white-hat SEO techniques and stay away from black- hat tactics, consult expert Brisbane Seo Services professionals today! Now that you’ve known about the common black hat SEO techniques that can tank your website and simply kill its growth, make sure to avoid them at any cost. Skip these black hat practices and ensure an engaging and readable website with useful content that will attract better ranking.

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