Blockchain technology initially gained recognition in 1991 with two young scientists discussing a decentralized distributed ledger system. The system was expected to use digital currencies without the governance of any central authority. Blockchain technology came up for the first time in 2009 with the arrival of Bitcoin.

Since then, blockchain technology has grown a lot bigger and presently finds applications in different sectors such as financial institutions, supply chain, education and cybersecurity. As a result, blockchain skills have also come in the list of top in-demand tech skills in recent times.

Now, many candidates are wondering about viable prospects of pursuing a career in blockchain technology. Therefore, they need a clear impression of the potential blockchain skills in demand for 2021. The following discussion points out some of the important skills that you would need for blockchain jobs in 2021. 

Important Skills for Blockchain Jobs in 2021

The demand to know about blockchain skills largely reflects on the frequently changing trends in blockchain job market. So, candidates have to make sure that they are prepared for the current state of blockchain technology. The following skills are quite essential to qualify for blockchain job roles. 

Knowledge of Fundamentals 

Candidates aspiring for blockchain jobs should know that the basics will always hold a unique place in tests and interviews for blockchain jobs. In most of the cases, candidates would face the first question about the working of Bitcoin. While many people have recently caught up with blockchain terminology, in-depth expertise in fundamental blockchain skills offersthe basic assurance of value for employers. Employers in 2021 wouldn’t want blockchain professionals with a niche specialization but the ability to use fundamental expertise to address different pain points of enterprises. 

Coding knowledge

Candidates must also focus on coding as one of the top blockchain skills for 2021. Fundamental understanding of coding can help in efficient understanding and interpretation of the project concepts and guides. Projects can utilize different software, protocols and coding languages for running specific portions of their blockchain infrastructure or application. However, many candidates would obviously encounter the question about the preferred programming language for coding. Fundamental knowledge of Python or JavaScript could be helpful to start with, and you can gradually develop your expertise.

Command the CLI

The Command Line Interface or CLI is the most significant aspect involved in working on a blockchain and being active in it. CLI expertise will be one of the top blockchain skills in demand for 2021, especially for higher and intermediate levels. Candidates should have a promising knowledge of approaches for using snippets of code within the OS they are running as a necessity for various popular projects.

For example, launching applications from the command line and checking disks for logical and physical errors directly from the command line. Fluency with easy commands can help in resolving the faults in working understanding of systems used every day. The familiarity with command-line interface helps candidates in better interpretation of code languages. At the same time, it will offer better insights into the operations of systems under the hood. 

Networking and Security Expertise

Top blockchain skills for 2021 would also focus prominently on networking and security as the mandatory requirements for blockchain jobs. Networking and security services as the important tools for feasible operations of different nodes, applications, software and almost anything on blockchain infrastructure. Networking is a very important aspect of blockchain. As a matter of fact, blockchain would not exist if not for its ability to connect to a network and distributing data through the network.

While networking is a promising area for working on innovations, it also presents the highest potential vulnerability to errors. At the same time, it is also crucial to focus on security as an important entry among blockchain skills for 2021. Security has become important due to the constant evolution in types of threats to technical infrastructure.

Since blockchain is designed for offering higher levels of security, candidates would need to specialize in all essentials required for safeguarding blockchain applications. Some of the common examples of tasks in blockchain security include hardening SSH access or open ports, or secure ports. At the same time, candidates should also have a basic impression of how security concepts fit in the blockchain landscape. 


On a concluding note, it is clearly evident that the top blockchain skills for 2021 will focus more on adaptability. Most important of all, the in-demand skills for blockchain jobs would also focus on utilizing networking and security expertise for higher performance and availability of blockchain applications. Furthermore, candidates could also find out the need for coding knowledge to understand how the blockchain infrastructure works.

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