Blue World City Overseas Block VS Blue World City Waterfront District: Where to Invest



Overseas Block and Water Front Block are two of the most well-known blocks in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, there will be amenities that all buyers aim to make an ideal living. The developers are always eager to continue providing one-of-a-kind new home construction and industrial assets. Moreover, financing options are always suitable for investors, making them ideal for significant investments. The location is also crucial to inclusive growth, encouraging investors to make protracted and lucrative investments here. Finally, a few factors will assist investors in making the best possible living arrangement here.

Blue World City Waterfront Development

Blue World City Waterfront Block in Islamabad is currently among the most thrilling housing areas in the city, and it is the newest work by Blue World City. This corporation has become essential in Pakistan’s construction and property advancement industry. With luxury condos, tranquil environs, and unrivalled views of the provincial capital. This recent arrival to BWC’ comprehensive pairing intends to take your exhalation away from the time you walk through its doors.


After accomplishing moderate success in another sector, the owners have tried to introduce another tremendous asset and excellent opportunity. They have created a Waterfront District Block, which will host an incredible moment for the residents. It is a fantastic advancement, as the names suggest. The construction of dams and hilly scenic water parks surrounds it. This new block will fulfil the dreams of property investors.

The Waterfront District block map includes a wide range of amenities, such as monitoring from the Grand Masjid, water or food streets, commercial hubs, pools, eco-friendly hiking trails, spa services & gymnasiums, an accessible movie theatre, and a society surrounded by a border.

The Lake View

These inhabitants will treasure the lake view. The Waterfront block is appealing because it is in a fantastic area with reasonably priced financing options. The view from the residential building is equally stunning and remarkable.

Outdoor Cinema 

An outdoor movie screening may seem like a grand idea for Pakistanis, but if you live in the Waterfront block, you not only encounter this, but you can also appreciate your vision with a view of a lake while watching your team films. 

Water Sports Facility

A global water sports team will cheer at the Waterfront District Block’s edge. There are water sports & games to play here. A professionally-trained squad is on to help you in having participate in adventure activities. In addition, international observers will lay out the water slides to maximize the block’s possibility.

Dancing Fountain

There will also be a massive dancing fountain in the Waterfront District Block. As a result, you can admire the views of the water movement next to you. The dancing’ sparkling work will have implemented soon, and it will be Rawalpindi’s first water park. The highly trained staff works all around the clock to enhance the artistic sense of the waterfall.

Overseas Block 

Blue World City’s developers are happy to announce the innovation of the Overseas Block. In addition, it will be extravagantly adorned and furnished with global accommodations to provide an abundant life for overseas residents and foreign nationals planning to visit Pakistan as part of the CPEC project. Blue World City intends to build an exceptional residences segment for Chinese citizens working on CPEC in Pakistan. It would be the first thing in Pakistan’s real-estate history that a unique industry had formed to assist overseas people. Apart from BWC, no other residential or organization currently offers such a provider to our Chinese visitors. This factor alone has bolstered the real estate market. This factor alone has increased the residential society’s opportunities to invest, and real estate portions in the twin cities are optimistic about future chances & anticipate favourable profits from their investments.

Blue World City Overseas Block Characteristics. Blue World City Islamabad’s Overseas Block offers global living conditions that include the following world-class features:

  • Modern management
  • Hospital
  • Parking Facility
  • Restaurants
  • Wide roads
  • Clean Water
  • Mosque
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Gated Housing Society
  • Continuous CCTV monitoring
  • The E-Working Tag’s Principal
  • Club Overseas Lagoon

Significant Features 

Following are the essential features offered by an overseas block of blue world city 

Private Gated Community

One of Pakistan’s safest housing societies is Blue World City Overseas Block. It monitors all regions of Pakistan with CCTV cameras around the clock.

Commercial Center

Connectivity to the commercial hub is the most compelling reason to invest in Overseas Block. The builders intend to build a commercial hub in this residential community and help its inhabitants.

Luxury Conveniences

In Pakistan, various housing communities provide luxurious amenities. However, no other new housing provides the accommodation stations that Blue World City does.


Overseas Block and Water Front Block are the best possibilities in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the designers have deliberately developed these blocks to meet the needs of the shareholders. These are the components where buyers can enjoy both elegance and accessibility. As a result, investing in this will provide the ideal way of life. Moreover, all stockholders will have access to world characteristics at the most competitive rates.

Most notably, everyone can access price competitiveness, making investment formation simple and reasonably priced. As a result, investing in Overseas Block and waterfront locks will aid in creating long-term assets. Finally, Lead marketing is a great way to make the entire process most effective for a long investment.

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