These days our brand could be judged from our product appearance and some other tiny factors. Let us take an example. Who could have thought that colors would play such a vital role in business? But now, designers are using color to stimulate emotions and to alter our choices. Have you noticed how so many brands have a red logo? The color red stimulates our appetite. And, no matter if we are stuffed, we are always ready for a snack.

These are simple but efficient strategies that are getting used by various brands. Other than that, have you noticed how luxurious brands tend to use shiny and sleek packaging boxes? Such packages prove to be effective because they quickly attract clients. But other than that, what are the vital factors? We all see many products each day, having logos printed on them. But why? Why companies spend extra bucks to customize their boxes and even print brand logos onto the shipping boxes.

These are days when factors like the logo, slogan, and color of our box affect our sales. Complex right? But if you’re new to the business, then no worries. We would be discussing a packaging box that can attract at first glimpse. And also would be discussing how much of a role logo plays.

What are Metalized Boxes?

Are you looking for a perfect box? But what’s the definition of an ideal case? Everyone has different choices, but these packaging boxes could attract everyone. These are metalized packaging cases. These packaging boxes are overlapped with metalized foils and give a sleek look and touch to these cases.

Most people think that while we use these boxes, we could customize them further. It is not true as we can customize them like any other box. We can also carve in our logo and print slogan on it by using modern printing methods.

We could overlap the whole box with the foil, or we can also overlap just a part of it. It all depends on our choice and our product.

Usage and Advantages of Custom Metalized Boxes:

  • These packaging boxes could be used as gift boxes.
  • These packaging cases serve the look and impress clients.
  • These packages are cost-effective and efficient.
  • These packages are customizable and impermeable.
  • These packages are secure and sturdy.
  • These packages increase the worth of the product.
  • These packaging boxes highlight our brand logo and make it more visible to clients.

Customization of Metalized Boxes USA:

Use the best printing method and give a charming and elegant look to your boxes. Never forgets that logo is our brand identification and represents your company, your employee, your products, and their quality.

Gravure is the printing method in which we use two cylinders, and the packaging material gets passed through them. One cylinder has an etched design on it, and the other cylinder presses down the package onto the cylinder. In this way, the pattern or theme gets transferred onto the packaging material.

In this printing technique, specific ink is getting used, and the cylinder first dips it into the ink. Under the cylinder lies an ink container, where it rests. This method is cost-effective and efficient, but only if you wish to imprint bulk materials.

How Engraving and Embossing Highlight our Brand?

Engraving is the printing method in which we carve out the surface of the logo design, and after that, we fill it in with the metalized foil for pigment. This printing method gives a modern look to our metalized boxes wholesale. And this method is very famous among luxurious brands.

In embossing, we also use pigments or metalized to customize the puffed area. But this method is somehow different from that of engraving. Both of these techniques are popular among many brands. These methods are getting used to highlight significant features of a label, such as a trademark.

Customers always tend to get attracted to the item having a unique and legit look. The more our logo highlighted, the more clients would prefer to give a chance to your product.

You must have noticed that whenever we examine a new product, we always look for its logo. We are always curious about what brand the product belongs to. In this way, not only do we examine the product quality but also its brand.

Other than that, metalized packaging cases highlight our logo and make them look charming.

1-  Effect of the Brand Logo:

Are you wondering how logos affect our business? The most vital factors in our company are the logo. If the customer cannot see the trademark, he would never purchase the item. The first thing that we do while examining the article is to look for its label.

2-  It Represents the Brand:

Have you ever seen that any luxurious or successful brand forget to imprint their logo on the box? Logo plays such a vital role and sometimes companies also charge for that. The importance your logo has, the more prices of your product would rise.

3-  It Impresses and Attracts Clients:

A genuine and charming logo never fails in attracting a client. And when the logo is printed on the custom metalized boxes, its importance increases.

4-  It’s the Most Noticeable Factor:

Would you ever purchase a product that you do not know about? Sometimes we do because its logo looks prominent. Have you ever wondered why the brand prints the logo on the front flap? It’s because they try to print the logo where it would be most visible.

5-  It Boosts our Sales and Targets new Clients:

Sometimes we try to test a new product because its branding looks promising. And in this way, it attracts new clients and keeps impressing the regular ones. And the most prominent feature of the logo is that it differentiates our product from others.

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