Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost – Know before You Opt for Surgery


The breast for any woman is very important for their looks, and there’s hardly any woman who doesn’t want her breast to be proportionate and attractive. Every woman is not as lucky to have perfect breasts. Many of them have too small, asymmetrical, or disproportionate breasts to their bodies, resulting in loss of self-confidence. Breast Augmentation surgery helps such women get their perfect breasts, making them confident and helping them feel better about themselves.

The procedure’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds; thus, it becomes even more important to gather more information regarding it as there are many myths associated with it.

Many frauds have also been witnessed due to the lack of proper information about people’s breast augmentation surgery cost. Patients have been made to pay heavily in some scams about less information about the surgery among the people.

Why do Women undergo Breast Augmentation?

Women tend to go for breast augmentation due to these reasons:

  1. To increase the size of their breasts by filling it.
  2. To get their breast in shape and look attractive.
  3. Get their original breasts shape which they had pre-pregnancy.

Selecting the Right Surgeon

This surgery requires precision as the slightest of mistakes can damage the aesthetic beauty of the woman. Thus one has to be very careful while selecting the right surgeon. The following measures can be used to identify the ideal surgeon:

  • Qualification – the surgeon must be at least M. Chin plastic surgery
  • Experience – They should have profound experience in doing plastic surgeries. The more the experience, the easier it is to trust the person.
  • Infrastructure –  The clinic must be equipped with the proper devices required to carry out the surgery. Infrastructure is an important factor in deciding the outcome of the surgery.
  • Reviews – One should check out the reviews of the surgeon from its past patients. The surgeon should never be trusted blindfolded.
  • Comfort level – it is very important to choose a surgeon which the patient trusts completely.
  • Cost –  It is also a detrimental factor in determining where the surgery will be performed. One should try and find a reputed and experienced surgeon within the budget.

Cost – A detrimental Factor

Many people have health insurances which they want to claim during an expensive medical treatment or surgery. But unfortunately, breast augmentation surgery cost is not covered by health insurance. 

The cost can usually be divided into two categories:

Cost of Insertion –In India, insertion varies from hospital to hospital and the surgeon executing the surgery. Generally, the cost of insertion in India comes around Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,20,00 depending on the infrastructure and the technology used during the surgery

Cost of Implantation – It is cheaper than the insertion cost, and the amount may approximately range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. Again it varies according to the hospital and the surgeon performing the surgery.

The most detrimental factors in the cost of the procedure are the skill and experience of the surgeon. Thus making it essential to select the surgeon with precision.

The surgeon should be qualified and have years of experience in performing surgeries so that they may fully understand the need of a patient and develop a treatment plan accordingly.

The plan must be suitable for the patient. The surgeon who can use the latest technology for treatment may help the patient achieve their desires to the closest as possible. To know more, you may look over the web and get additional information.

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