Brilliant Hacks to Choose Gifts for Men You Wish You Knew Earlier (1)


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We know it is getting tedious and challenging to pick the right gift for men who hold a special place in your lives. It has always been the same. No more worries, we have got your back in this. Choosing gifts for men is not a ‘once in a while’ phenomenon. Instead, every once in a while we buy a gift for them. Be it a birthday gift for dads, a wedding anniversary gift for brothers or husbands, Valentine’s gift for boyfriends, or a casual gift for friends – you experience the same dilemma every single time.

Do you know why this happens? There are psychological reasons that you may like to explore. Take a look:

  • Men are capable of buying anything for themselves without facing social pressure – that’s what makes you ponder what is the missing thing in their collection that you can gift them.

Case in point: You may have noticed your brother bringing his favorite UCB shoes, that much-awaited guitar, or an iPhone from his first salary.

  • They find their self-worth in fulfilling the needs of their families and end up sacrificing their wants. Men instead refuse to admit that they want anything even when asked by others.

Case in point: “No, I don’t want anything on my birthday. You save the money for yourself.” We all have heard the same reply from our fathers every time we had asked if they need anything on their special day.

  • Many times they could not figure out what they need as a gift from others as they prefer practical and durable things. And such things are available in limited choices.

Case in point: Most husbands have a habit to keep scrolling through shopping apps, adding products to carts, and then deleting them all. They could not choose what they wanted to buy.

The aforementioned are the key reasons that make selecting gifts for men so complex. However, there are various ways to fix this. Start by asking these questions to yourself before purchasing the best personalized gifts for a man. The answers will turn things much easier for you.

The game of 4 questions

  1. How do they spend their free time?

Knowing what your loved ones do in their free time is no big deal. Identifying the hobbies or favorite tasks of your beloved man would get you a brilliant gift idea. For example, choose fascinating stationery if you are searching for a gift for your nephew who is an art enthusiast.

  1. What kind of products excites them?

You probably know if your dad is fond of action movies, if your brother is a techie, if your husband is a gadget-geek, or if your son adores musical instruments. There you go, gift them something that they are drawn to.

  1. How do they have a collection hobby?

It gets super easy to pick a gift for a man who has a hobby to collect stamps, pebbles, coins, games, bottles, or something else. You may gift an exclusive addition to their collection.

  1. Do they only prefer utilitarian gifts?

If the recipient is quite practical and like gifts that he can use regularly, then you are all sorted. Pens, mugs, diaries, personalized wallets, belts, and a lot more things are there to choose from.

After finding responses to these questions, go ahead and explore what kind of gift can you present to a particular person.

Unveil different types of gifting concepts

High-end gifts meant only for the closest ones

Expensive gifts like a gold biscuit, platinum or diamond ring, a luxury car, a beautiful home, and a lot more top the list of gifts that you may like to give to your son, son-in-law, or brother. When you don’t have budget constrain and want to astonish your dear ones with valuable gifts, you can plan something indeed big. Such gifts eliminate financial stress from the recipient and offer opulence.

Let them experience intangible bliss

You can plan an experiential gift for your favorite people to make their birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and other occasions a wholesome experience. If they are among those who prefer pampering over materialistic gifts then here are the must-try options:

  • Book a luxurious solo or couple spa depending on the occasion
  • Sponsor an exotic staycation
  • Get them a ticket to their favorite film
  • Take them to a lip-smacking buffet date
  • Plan adventure activities, etc.

Personalized gifts as a lifetime keepsake

Gifts curated with love for your special ones make them more than happy. These thoughtful gifts convey your love to recipients as you design the entire gift on-demand. You can customize myriad products such as personalized wallets for men, pens, bottles, mugs, photo frames, wooden gifts, and various others to create meaningful gifts. Personalization options such as engraving names, printed photographs, adding symbols, recording voice notes, etc. turn personalized gifts into unforgettable presents for the receiver.

Custom-made gifts are perfect for every occasion including birthdays, wedding anniversaries, engagement days, wedding days, housewarmings, baby showers, festivals, thanksgiving, teacher’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, and Valentine’s day.

Philanthropic gifts to be socially responsible

Many people prefer to donate useful things to the underprivileged as a good deed on their special occasions. They celebrate their happiness with those who seldom get a reason to be happy. You can be a part of such a celebration by contributing to their philanthropic activities. It would be the best gift for them while you will get the chance to serve society.

Monetary gifts are universal

In traditional rituals such as weddings, housewarmings, newborns’ naming ceremonies, and business inauguration, elderly people prefer giving cash as a token of love. Gifting money enables the recipient to use it the way they want. Besides, it is the most convenient gift choice for the giver as well. Money cannot go out of trend, hence it is an evergreen gifting preference of all.

Anything given with meaningful to a man is precious to him

While it might have been difficult to choose a perfect gift for a man but he will surely appreciate you for whatever he receives with love. They count the effort and the feelings of the giver and consider all your gifts priceless.

Men may be complex but compassionate too!

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