Butterfly jewelry in our life

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Butterfly jewelry is undoubtedly one of the signs that has not lost its reputation for many years. Butterflies are the embodiment of many processes and ideas. For example, the rebirth of an unpleasant caterpillar into a delightful winged creature, a simple flight from flower to flower. Perhaps this is why jewelry bearing this image is so popular and has a special place. Or maybe it’s because it’s fashionable.

In some cultures, the butterfly was the emblem of rebirth, of the resurrection of the soul. Its attraction and flitting from one plant to another represents a facet of the soul such as impermanence. Among many Toltecs, the moth was a divine image; its image was used to represent the body. And the Japanese understand the emergence from the cocoon of a butterfly, spreading its wings, as an emblem of a young woman realizing and demonstrating her magnificence and style for the first time.

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Feng shui practitioners consider the butterfly to be a talisman of affection and pleasure. As a rule, lovers entering married life choose butterfly choker. They are meant to symbolize their transformation and change in marriage.

There are many reasons why people prefer butterfly-shaped products. The winged, stone-encrusted creatures, adorned with an intricate intertwining of the finest strands of precious metals, represent the fragile and vulnerable emotions that the giver feels towards the object of their adoration. Jewelers create many different items in the shape of butterflies, each of which can be the gift that sets it apart from other jewelry: it can be rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets. In this case, if you lack the words to express your emotions, you can resort to a gift that symbolizes love, pleasure and admiration.

In nature, there are many butterflies that flutter around in different varieties and colors. It must be said that the jewelry using this image does not disappoint. It can be a product with a single butterfly or several figures around a bright pebble. The wings are usually in the shape of a coronary heart or raised above the ring. Earrings – butterflies are so common that they have already become a classic. As a rule, the earring is made in the form of a single wing.

Jewelry with the image of this adorable insect is one of the most fashionable standard trends today. Nevertheless, jewelers who embody the fantasy of nature’s creations in their jewelry have always held these delicate creations in high regard.

The butterfly, one of nature’s most enchanting phenomena, is one of those creatures that constantly draw our attention. Admiring its grace, brilliance and colors, it is appropriate to take a closer look at this miracle. And jewelers strive to reproduce this magnificence so that we can admire it at any time, and even so that this magnificence adorns the beautiful half of humanity‚Ķ

Jewelry with meadow beauties is suitable for young and adult women. They are able to fit into any image. Butterflies in the hair and on the dress of the child emphasize her innocence and tender age. Rings, bracelets and necklaces with butterflies in precious metals and stones will emphasize a bold and non-judgmental character. Openwork pieces in silver and gold are suitable for the romantic model. Delicate jewelry with cubic zirconia and other stones will help create the image of a charming naiad. Butterflies with a graphic pattern are suitable for a more austere model. Impressive platinum jewelry with diamonds will make any girl feel like a queen.

Delicate, shiny jewelry brightens up even the most modest outfits. A pair of “flying” butterflies can turn a girl into a forest nymph. In any case, she will attract attention and receive many compliments.

Exceptional jewelry made from the finest wire of noble metals, knotted in a chic pattern. It’s hard to take your eyes off the chandeliers, adorned with enamel, stones, and grit (small steel balls).

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