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Where can I buy the morning-after pill?

The Abortion pills in Dubai online have been available without a prescription in every pharmacy since 2015 and is therefore no longer subject to prescription in Dubai. If you had unprotected sex or a breakdown in contraception, you should get advice on the morning-after pill at the pharmacy as soon as possible 1.

The nearest emergency pharmacy will help you on the weekend or at night.

However, you cannot order the morning-after pill online 2 .

  • You can easily find the nearest pharmacy like Abortion pills in Dubai online with our pharmacy finder .
  • You can find emergency pharmacies online using the pharmacy search .
  • Information on emergency pharmacies is also available by telephone on +971(562013046)  .
  • Advice and questions in the Abortion pills in Dubai online

Thinking about going to the pharmacy makes you queasy and you wonder what questions you might be facing? Don’t panic: As a rule, the consultation is far less uncomfortable than you might fear.

Discreet advice and confidentiality

Pharmacists are trained to give advice on the morning-after pill. As with doctors, they are subject to confidentiality according to Section 203 of the Criminal Code (StGB). So you are not allowed to tell anyone that you asked for the pill afterwards or that it was given to you. Many pharmacies also offer advice on the morning-after pill in a separate room so that not every customer who happens to be present can overhear. If this is important to you, it is best to inquire about it right at the beginning.

Morning-after pill: these are the questions pharmacists ask

All the questions at Abortion pills in Dubai online that the pharmacist asks you have one goal: to give you individual advice on emergency contraception in order to then make the right recommendation for you. For example, the pharmacist needs to know exactly when the unprotected sex or the contraception breakdown occurred 3 . Because: the faster you take the morning-after pill, the safer it works 4 .

You also have to be prepared for the question of how the contraception breakdown happened. Did the condom break or maybe you forgot the pill? There are also medical reasons for this. It must be clarified whether there is a risk that sperm have come close to a mature egg 5 . And finally, when giving advice on the morning-after pill, the pharmacist must be able to rule out possible interactions with other drugs. Therefore, you will also be asked whether you suffer from certain illnesses or are taking other medications.

We have summarized these and other questions that the pharmacist will probably ask you on our checklist . This enables you to optimally prepare for the consultation in the pharmacy.

No questions with moral judgment

Sure: There are much more pleasant things than talking to a stranger, in this case the pharmacist Abortion pills in Dubai online , about unprotected sex or contraceptive failures. A little excitement on the way to the pharmacy is therefore quite normal. But even if the advice on the morning-after pill is about intimate questions: Shame is absolutely out of place.

The pharmacist will deal with your concerns objectively and professionally and will only ask you questions that help him to correctly assess the situation from a medical and legal point of view. If you still do not feel comfortable during the conversation or if you think you can hear a moral evaluation from the questions that you do not like, you should not hesitate to go to another pharmacy where you will be given neutral advice.

Cost of the morning-after pill

The cost of the morning-after pill differs depending on the active ingredient. You can also get them for free or at a lower cost with a doctor’s prescription.

Morning after pill without a prescription

  • Preparations with the active ingredient ulipristal acetate  cost around 35 euros if you don’t have a prescription from your doctor.
  • The morning-after pill with the active ingredient levonorgestrel  costs around 15 to 20 euros without a prescription .

The fluctuations in prices result from the fact that there is no fixed sales price.

Users should keep in mind:  Ulipristal acetate is also effective on the  woman’s most fertile days , i.e. precisely when the risk of pregnancy is greatest.

Morning-after pill with prescription

If you go to the doctor and have the morning-after pill prescribed, you can get it free of charge or at a lower price in Dubai under certain circumstances – that depends on both your age and your health insurance.

The morning-after pill with a prescription

  • Is completely free of charge for you if you have statutory health insurance and are under 18 years of age.
  • costs five euros prescription fee if you have statutory health insurance and are between 18 and 21 years old.
  • costs the regular price if you are  22 years of age or older.
  • costs the regular price if you are privately insured. Depending on the health insurance company, the prescription will be reimbursed afterward 6 .

Note: The faster you take the morning-after pill after a breakdown in contraception, the better its effect. If you have to wait several days for a doctor’s appointment at getting abortion pills in Dubai, in order to receive a corresponding prescription, you should go straight to the pharmacy, even if the costs are not reimbursed by the health insurance company in this case.

If you need medical advice on the weekend, on public holidays, or at night, you can contact the medical on-call service at any time. 

Minimum age for the morning-after pill?

According to their approval, there are no age restrictions for the Pills Afterwards. The morning-after pill is approved for all women of childbearing age (including adolescents).

In exceptional cases, the pharmacy staff may refer you to your gynecologist. Visit them immediately Get abortion pills in Dubai, or contact the medical on-call service so as not to lose any time.

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