Buying the Correct Bathroom Sink – The Essential Pointers to Keep in Mind

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If you choose to get a new bathroom sink, surprisingly you will get stunned at the change you will see in your otherwise dull bathroom. Today, you will have ample choices in the department of bathroom sinks that might overwhelm you at times. You will have to consider several factors from the material type to the various looks, sizes, and shapes

Hence, it would help if you took the time for choosing all that will work the best for you. You will also have to consider if you want floor space and storage space. The bathroom size will enable you to decide the sink which works correctly in any area. You might want a complete remodel or wish for a fast change; in this article, you will come across pointers that will help you immensely. 

Prior to purchasing a brand-new bathroom sink

You need to get talking with yourself or someone else and ask relevant questions. Try and assess your home style, irrespective of the overall bathroom. Is your bathroom conventional or modern? What are you willing to attain? Is there going to be a sink in your main bathroom or the primary bathroom? Who all will use the bathroom – homeowners, children or guests? Do you wish to check out the elegant raised basin sink designs? When you get answers to the questions, you can make a better selection for your bathroom sink. 

The considerations that you need to make for purchasing a bathroom sink

The style

A remodeled bathroom can either improve your home style or provide an eclectic, unique space to your house. The smallest room in your house can express the blend and style with an architectural element and also a vintage house. Also, will you choose a conventional bowl, a sleek glass bowl, a period pedestal or a warm wood? It’s your budget that will narrow all the choices. However, it’s a great idea to opt-in for your choicest style. 


The most standard bathroom sink gets made using a white porcelain, along with other shades available for a premium cost. The custom or ready-made solid surface materials can be modeled into both the sink and the counter to fit the space. The enameled cast iron sinks can get colored to cater to any décor, resist chipping, and are highly durable. The stone, glass and other metals can get molded and shaped to any shape and size. It enables to create a drama in your bathroom. The wood sinks are a new choice, but it tends to be costly. 

The space

Do you love the long marble counter along with a porcelain bathroom sink, which is large to take a bath, but possess a small powder room for decorating? If yes, then there is problem for you. However, there are many choices in several sizes. Therefore, you need to decide how much space you will use prior to selecting a new bathroom sink that will not fit the space. 

The mount

You can attain a sleek, clean look that gets attained using an integrated, solid-surface sink. In the case of a flush-mount sink, you will get a sleek look. Also, an under-mount sink will get installed beneath the countertop, leading in an easy-to-clean, smooth, and counter surface. That aside, a top-mount sink usually rests on the countertop. It is a simple style if you want to install it all by yourself. Furthermore, a conventional style comes with the bowl on the stand and the pedestal. 

The storage choice

You will require a place for keeping the towels. Substituting the sink is a great time in case you need added space. Also, a cabinet with a sink placed atop serves the objective and provides the bathroom a complete look. However, you can select a pedestal-style sink if you have a small space. It is always in a good preference and it is available in several décor. It can also open up expensive floor space. 

Get talking with a professional

A bathroom designer can tell you the advantages of all kinds of sink that are available. They can enable you to walk in a particular direction and decide all that is ideal for you. Here you can choose something within your budget and the style that you choose. Hence, the more data that you collect, the better it is for you. 

The types of sinks to select from

  • A wall-mounted sink – Similar to your name, all these kinds of sink mount to the wall. It is on their own and has no vanity or a countertop. Also, the plumbing can get concealed or visible. There are excellent sinks that you can use if space is the problem. 
  • Pedestal sink – The elegant, conventional and the space-saving adjectives fit for this sink. Also, the sink gets attached to the wall and the plumbing gets covered inside the pedestal. And while it doesn’t have a storage space or countertop, it works favorably in a smaller bathroom space or in the half baths. 
  • Undermount sink – The undermount sink can mount beneath the counter and gets attached underneath. The sink design makes way for an easy cleaning and the plumbing gets hidden from the view as it gets located within the vanity. 
  • The vessel sink – It offers a unique and new-age look as the sink sits atop the countertop. Such sinks come in varied sizes, shapes and finishes. 

Last but not least, you need to take care of the cost. The price is often the deciding factor when you have to choose the correct bathroom sink. Today, you have ample choices to select from and the expense varies. Based on the sink type, the cost can start to be something around $40 and increase to a huge amount. For instance, the undermount sink can be at a starting price of $35, which can cost around $1500 at a home-improvement store, which doesn’t get counted for the cost of installation or faucets. Also, make sure to factor in all the parts and pieces required when you decide the cost for a brand-new bathroom sink. 

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