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Camping for Beginners: A List of Camping Gear


When it comes to camping, different people have different ideas of having fun outdoor. And because every camper is different, some want the extreme thrill and want to survive with only basics while some campers take pleasure in enjoying a comfy night under the sky. So, depending on whether you want adventure or prefer comfort, you will need to pack stuff accordingly. Now, if you’re planning a camping trip for the first time, you might feel clueless about what to pack. So, if you’re a beginner just testing the waters, it is best to load up your car with all the basics, as well as some comfort gear to ensure a pleasant first experience.

When planning a weekend outdoors, you need to first choose a campsite. Whether you choose to drive to the campsite or plan hiking, packing the right camping gear is the key to a memorable trip. As a beginner, you may find it confusing to gather all the stuff. You might also find it difficult to decide whether you should buy all the gear, rent, or borrow from your friend. Your first need for camping is tent. What type of tent you need for camping. Here are various types of tents available like screen porch tent, multi room tents, 8 room tents etc… Here is a website campfinest.com where you can find these tents at affordable prices with the best quality. So, to clear all your confusion, here we’ve listed the most essential camping gear that you need to pack for car camping or backpacking. So, let’s get started!


When it comes to camping, the image of a tent instantly pops up in the mind. A tent is a must for outdoor camping because you need a space to spend the night comfortably. A tent will keep you warm and dry if it suddenly starts raining. When looking for a tent, consider the weather, number of people using the tent, and amenities available at the campsite. Most tents are waterproof to protect you against exterior elements. If you’re a first-time camper, look for a ready-to-install tent that needs minimal setup. Also, if you’re going with kids, look for a big size tent. Choose a three-season shelter and consider elbow room because if the weather goes bad, you will need to spend more time inside the tent. If you’re backpacking, look for a lightweight tent. Choosing the right type of tent is the first step in having the ultimate camping retreat.

Sleeping Bag & Pad

To have a comfortable sleep, you will need a sleeping bag that works best for the weather. When looking for a sleeping bag, consider a temperature rating to keep you warm during cold nights. A rectangular bag can work for moderate temperature while for colder nights look for a mummy-shaped bag that can hug your body. You also need to choose between synthetic insulation and traditional down bags. Besides a sleeping bag, you can also get a sleeping pad for extra comfort. It works like a mattress on the bed and adds a layer of cushioning and insulation between your body and the ground.

Cooking Supplies

Next, you need to plan your meals. Depending on how long you’re going to stay, you need to keep sufficient cooking stuff and water. You can choose to cook meals or bring frozen dried items that just need re-heating or boiling. If you plan to cook proper meals, you will need a stove, utensils such as pan, cutlery, bowls, and cups, knife, dishes, coffee, energy bars, fire igniter, and more.

Other Essential Gear

Besides sleeping and eating stuff, you will need some other camping gear also such as a first aid kit if anything goes wrong. This kit should include a bandage, antiseptic cream, OTC medicines, and more. You can create your own kit or buy a pre-assembled kit for emergencies. In addition to this, you will need a headlamp or lantern to do things in the dark, camp chairs or hammocks, toiletries, sun protection, bug repellent, comfortable shoes, and clothes according to the weather.

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