Castor Oil Massage for Erectile Dysfunction


Castor oil has many therapeutic advantages many of which are unknown to us. It has many medicinal and therapeutic benefits that help a male to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Castor oil massage improves blood circulation which overcomes erection difficulties. It also relieves joint pain, brings relaxation in the body and helps a male with chronic body pain to get energized enough for a healthy erection.

It has been observed that males using castor packages on the body part get instant relief from pain and inflammation. Let us study in detail how castor massage helps a man with erection issues.

Castor oil massage improves blood circulation

Castor oil not only improves blood circulation, it also improves thymus gland health and facilitates lymphatic drainage.

Males with erectile dysfunction have insufficient blood flow towards the male organ. The blood flow remains inadequate even when the male is fully aroused.

In addition to blood circulation, castor boosts production of lymphocytes, the natural fighters of our body that fight with bacteria and invading virus. The health lymphatic system ensures a good digestive system and circulatory system.

Castor oil can also be an excellent detox aid removing toxins from the body. A strong immunity and blood flow go hand in hand. A healthy circulation takes fresh oxygen and nutrients from food items to vital parts of the body.

Cure joints pain with castor oil massage

Joints pain is a serious hindrance to a normal intimate life. Seniors often complain of joint pain and stiff bodies behind difficulties in maintaining a healthy erection.

The pain makes it difficult for them to perform, which increases the erection difficulty due to long absence from an intimate session.

Castor oil is considered a natural anti-inflammatory agent .It has shown greater results in treating arthritis in males. Even chronic arthritis cases are cured with regular castor oil massage.

Apply Castor oil to reduce joint pain, curb nerve inflammation and get relief from sore muscles. In cases of chronic issues, the frequency of massage is increased until desired results are achieved. For quick relief, castor oil massage is followed by placing hot water bags on the massaged area.

Castor oil massage lowers arthritis cases

Some seniors who are facing arthritis cases as hindrance to a normal intimate life can reduce the difficulties by massages using castor oil. Castor oil as a natural anti inflammatory oil is applied on joints, affected parts and aching muscles to get the relief.

A painless health body facilitates a normal erection with physical stimulation. Mid aged males with chronic fatigue and energy less body get a huge relaxation by a massage with castor oil. 

General body relaxation facilitates arousal which helps a male using Generic Levitra 60 mg a higher dose to get maximum benefits from the dose.

Castor oil can prevent premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is ejaculation before the completion of the intimate session.

It can occur just at the beginning or within first minutes of intimacy. Castor oil massage around the erectile tissue prevents early ejaculation.  The experts are of view that males who had used oil in massage were able to delay the ejaculation without use of any medicine.

Precaution before using castor oil

The first step should be consulting the doctor to understand the degree of erectile dysfunction.

  Doctors may prescribe Generic cialis 60 mg online to overcome severe erectile issues. There is no direct evidence to support the claim that castor oil has been useful in severe erection cases.

Take a few drops of oil and apply it on your hands to judge any allergic reactions. Then apply it on erectile tissue.

Some doctors do not consider castor oil safe for massage due to its high viscosity. So, a consultation will help you to understand the procedure of its application for desired benefits.

Some people use castor oil as laxative; however, a higher dose may result in dehydration. There may be some minor side effects such as skin rashes, dizziness, nausea, and chest pain when taken through mouth.


Castor oil has proved to be beneficial in several studies conducted on males. But these studies were conducted under strict observation of doctors. And, the males were suffering from mild erection cases.

There is no proof that castor oil can overcome severe erection issues. So, you need to check with experts before using castor oil for massage.

The oil based massage with medicines may bring faster results.

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