Luminex Assay: Bead-Based Immunoassays

luminex assay

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 554 total views Cytotoxicity Assays are developed to analyze the ability of certain drug compounds to destroy the healthy cells of an organism. Cytotoxic compounds can lead to accidental cell death (referred to as necrosis) or programmed cell death (referred to as apoptosis). During the nonclinical and clinical research phases of drug discovery and development, cytotoxicity assays assess the safety profile of the drug candidate. The method proves valuable in identifying off-target effects of certain drug compounds on the human body. What is cytotoxicity: Cytotoxicity assays, also known as cell death…

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The Simplest, Easiest Way To Get An ECG Test Done At Home

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 888 total views If you’re like many people these days, you may be wondering about your cardiovascular health. Are you at risk for developing heart disease? What do the different types of ECGs mean? How often should you get checked for this condition? Fortunately, all of that information can be found with just a little bit of research. You see, ECG stands for electrocardiography or heartbeat monitor as we commonly refer to it. An ECG test is a simple examination of your heart’s electrical activity using electrodes and various methods to…

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Top Ways that Couples Can Boost Their Health


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 1,962 total views If you are in a relationship, you may be looking for ways that you can boost your health together rather than separately. As such, if you usually encourage each other’s bad habits and if you have fallen into an unhealthy lifestyle that you are concerned about, here are some of the top ways that couples can boost their health in 2022. Enjoy Sex More Although you might think that the only positive of having sex is to satisfy your sex drive and draw closer as a couple, this…

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Top 3 Benefits of Acupuncture

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 191 total views If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to relieve pain and stress, acupuncture may help you. It is an ancient Chinese medicine-based method that involves inserting very thin needles into the body. Acupuncture is found effective in relieving pain and treating a range of other health issues. It is a form of complementary therapy in which a certified practitioner inserts needles at different body locations and depths to trigger specific points and treat different health issues. This treatment method involves stimulating nerve-rich areas of the skin…

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring Billing

Employee Recognition Programs

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 2,188 total views Before you begin billing remote patient monitoring, you need to understand what remote patient monitoring is. Generally, remote patient monitoring is a clinical evaluation and management service available to clinicians. The U.S. medical system uses five-digit CPT codes to identify services, but remote patient monitoring is billed using its billing codes. If you don’t understand how to bill this service, you risk being denied reimbursement by CMS. CPT codes The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently expanded reimbursement codes for remote patient monitoring services. This new…

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How Does Quercetin Phytosome Benefit The Immune System?

quercetin phytosome

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 3,420 total views How does quercetin phytosome benefit the immune system? The antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties of quercetin phytosome support our immune system. Besides supporting our immune system, it has also been shown to prevent the development of degenerative brain disorders. According to scientists, brain-related diseases are often associated with oxidative stress, a state of imbalance of free radicals in the body. It is still unclear whether quercetin has this property, but it certainly helps the immune system. Inhibition of NF-kB transcription factor The flavonoid quercetin acts as an anti-inflammatory…

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Fight Pigmentation and Dark Spots with These Amazing Products

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 1,035 total views You are not alone if you have dark patches or spots on your skin. Even freckles are a form of hyperpigmentation. If you are looking to reduce these dark spots on your skin you have come to the right place. Melanin is produced by skin cells and is accountable for pigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition that causes your skin to darken in some areas. This might affect your entire body’s skin, not just your face. Age spots, often known as liver spots, are a result of hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation…

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The Benefits of Medication Therapy Management


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 2,000 total views Medication therapy management’s three most significant benefits include improved health outcomes, lower costs, and increased patient adherence to prescribed medications. This article will discuss the benefits of medication therapy management for various health conditions. The key benefits are listed below. Improved health outcomes Medication therapy management services, or MTM, help patients manage their medications. These services are intended to decrease the number of problems associated with medication use, including nonadherence and adverse effects. Various interventions have been investigated for their effectiveness. Ultimately, several interventions have been identified that…

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Fast And Effective Remedies For Back Pain

Fast And Effective Remedies For Back Pain

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 2,107 total views Back Pain has become rather common these few years even in the younger generation.  Our way of life has significantly changed and is now becoming more and more sedimentary. There has been a growth in desk employment that is far too busy. It is hard to take a break since they require continual attention and stuff to take care of. With more entertainment and information available at our convenience, it is typical to sit and lie down without getting up. As a result, muscles become overworked and unable…

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Benefits of Choosing Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinus

Ayurvedic Treatment

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 995 total views A study shows that 134 million Indians suffer from chronic sinusitis which is caused by the inflammation of the nasal and throat lining and builds pressure on the face, eyes, and brain. Sinus treatment in Ayurveda helps to cure this chronic sinusitis using their natural herbs and therapy. What is Sinusitis? Sinusitis which is also known as Pinas in Ayurveda is a medical condition that affects your sinuses. It generally occurs when sinuses become blocked and filled with fluid and cause bacterial or germ infections.  Sinusitis can affect…

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