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CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers for All Subjects 2021-22


Presently, CBSE class 11 sample papers help the students learn detailed things about the final exam. However, the sample paper contains the updated exam pattern of all subjects. Whenever a student practices the CBSE class 11 sample papers, then he/she can be eligible for the final exam. Additionally, the sample paper enhances the students’ knowledge and helps to manage time duration properly. Thus students are advised to practice CBSE class 11 sample papers 2020-21 for better results.

Moreover, the sample papers give an idea about each exam’s paper pattern and marking scheme. The marking method provides knowledge about the weightage of each subject and chapter. However, the marking scheme will inform the minimum mark required to clear the exam. 

Additionally, the sample paper improves writing skills, problem-solving skills, and time management skills. Moreover, class 11 question patterns are somehow equal with class 12 question patterns. So that, if students regularly practice CBSE class 11 sample papers, then they can easily understand the board exam question pattern. Check out the detailed information about the CBSE class 11 sample question paper below. 

CBSE Class 11 curriculum 

Besides this, students can easily download the CBSE class 11 sample question papers. The students get the sample papers of every subject such as – accounts, business studies, English, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, maths, Hindi, sociology, history, and geography. However, you can easily download all the class 11 sample papers PDFs.

Except this, all the subjects of class 11 have two sections: the theory and the practical. However, students must secure pass marks to clear the class 11 exam. Usually, some subjects of CBSE class 11 have 70 total marks, and 30 marks from the internal exam or practical exam. Similarly, some other papers have 80 total marks, and 20 marks are evaluated from the internal exam or practical exams.

Moreover, the CBSE exam provides grades to its students. The grading scheme for class 11 all subjects is as follows. Let’s look at these.

  1. A1 for 91-100 marks 
  2. A2 for 81-90 marks
  3. B1 for 71-80 marks  
  4. B2 for 61-70 marks
  5. C1 for 51-60 marks
  6. C2 for 41-50 marks
  7. D for 33-40 marks
  8. E* for 32 and below marks

The above grading scale shows the percentage of marks secured by a CBSE class 11 student. However, the class 11 marking scheme is also equal to the class 12 marking scheme, so that it will help prepare for the board exam. 

Class 11 sample papers

Apart from all these, the class 11 sample paper provides knowledge about the final exam. A student needs to use the sample paper along with the exam preparation. However, class 11 is the base for the class 12 board exam. So that students must work hard in class 11. Additionally, you get many benefits from the class 11 sample paper. Let’s know what are these below?

  1. After using class 11 sample papers regularly, Students feel confident about preparing for exams.
  2. Next, they will have a clear understanding of weak and strong points.
  3. Students who use these sample papers learn about the CBSE class 11 question paper designs.
  4. After solving the Vidya Setu sample Paper, the student can revise the entire syllabus before exams.
  5. However, the sample papers have the exact format of the actual paper. Thus students can learn the question marking pattern along with time allotment.
  6. After solving sample papers, students can focus on the topic, which can be difficult for them on exam day.
  7. However, students can enhance their problem-solving skills through sample papers. 

How to study from sample papers?

However, students get the above facilities after using the sample paper. But the students must use these sample papers in a proper way. Let’s learn how to study from sample papers to secure good marks in the final exam. 

  1. First, you must study the pattern of the question paper carefully and prepare a note of the significant features.
  2. Always check the weightage given to each chapter of every subject.
  3. However, focus more on numerical questions.
  4. In fact, have an overview of the difficulty level of the questions.
  5. After that, you revise your notes and check if you missed any important points from any chapter.
  6. If you missed some points, add them to your notes without delay.
  7. Besides this, if you have gone through the question paper, always try to solve it in the given time.
  8. Additionally, take 3 hours to solve the paper as in the examination hall.
  9. After that, get it checked by your teacher/tutor or check it yourself with the help of the marking scheme given in the question paper.
  10. You can also download more such sample papers from Vidya Setu’s official website and practice them for the final exam.

Solve Class 11 Sample paper with class 11 online classes 

 Vidya Setu’s class 11 sample paper primarily provides additional knowledge about the exam. You can use CBSE class 11 online lectures for sample papers with the solution of Vidya Setu to improve your writing skills and time management skills. Moreover, if you solve sample papers with Vidya Setu classes, you can easily solve all your doubts.

Solving sample papers is a great approach to evaluate your examination performance. You will feel more confident for the final examinations as you solve more tasks. You’ll also better grasp your skills and abilities where you need to improve. Through Vidya Setu’s Sample papers, you will become familiar with the more often questioned ideas. Having a good understanding of the types of questions posed in exams can significantly lessen stress and exam anxiety.

Additionally, the expert faculties of each subject help you solve the entire problem in the sample paper quickly. Vidya Setu provides the facility of doubt-solving sessions. The faculties personally guide students to cover all the subjects before the exam. However, the entire revision facility of Vidya Setu with sample paper helps to score better grades in the exam.


Generally, the CBSE class 11 sample papers of vidya setu prepare by using the latest syllabus. The regular practice of these sample papers helps you to revise all the chapters of each subject quickly. However, this is the best way to know about exam patterns, duration, and procedure. In the end, Join CBSE Class 11 Online Classes to cover all the subjects effectively. 

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