The new year is here, and one thing is certain: 2021 is expected to bring some of the hottest trends in wholesale womens sunglasses ever. All the common themes in 2021 include the continued popularity of back styles and the reappearance of brightly colored lenses. If you dig into a retro-style look, then 2021 will be your year. Among all the retro styles, we also saw some fresh, futuristic looks. Hot trends have ultra-modern mirrored lenses, distinctive geometric shapes, and elegant metal details in street fashion and runway styles. Without further ado, these are the top 5 sunglasses styles for women this year.Women UV Protection Beach Sunglasses

  1. Round Double Bridge Sunglasses

    This year, avant-garde fashion has doubled in details. Round glasses have always been all the rage, but with the increase in avant-garde, the glasses have received much-needed styles this year. Standing upright above the bridge of the nose, the added cross-bars flatten the upper part of the frame, thereby providing dimensional and aesthetic balance. Paired with fashionable and timeless round lenses, this style creates a perfect visual contrast between flat geometric shapes and round whimsical shapes.Studded Leather Patchwork Round Sunglasses This year’s round double bridge sunglasses have exquisite silhouettes and eye-catching decorations, undoubtedly an affirmation of the fashionable and simple sunglasses of the 1950s and 1960s. They are intellectuals, they will not appear rigid and distinctive, nor will they be too exaggerated. The all-in-one round double bridge makes the traditional style perfect rotation, ensuring that your glasses are upgraded from “standard” to “stand out.”

    When choosing the perfect pair, please pay special attention to details such as metal decoration and lens tone. The appearance really depends on the smaller contacts, so you need to make the most of them. The metal frame style is made of industrial-style bronze, smooth silver and rose gold. There is no wrong answer to choosing metallic accents, but you need to make sure that they do not conflict with the tone of the lens.

  2. Geometric Hexagonal Sunglasses

    Geometric frames are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in 2021. What we like most about this look is its undeniable “double shot” effect. At first glance, the hexagonal specification flies very low under the radar, but it takes a few seconds to give it a few seconds, and the subtle geometric distortion of the style will definitely attract onlookers to take another look. Geometric hexagon sunglasses have no thick details or loud embellishments. They are very suitable for fashionable women who want to publish fashion but are not eye-catching. These sunglasses have an exquisite angular frame shape that can add a bit of corners to any outfit.Geometric Lens Rimless Tinted Sunglasses They are flashy enough to participate in rooftop parties, but subtle enough for professional occasions. Geometric hexagon sunglasses have sufficient UV coverage and polarization options, making them ideal driving sunglasses for everyday wear. Most importantly, their oblique treatment of round shadows makes the line between the angled line and the circle more perfect, which means that the style looks good on surfaces of all shapes and sizes. Despite the many edges, the hexagonal geometric shadows do not have boundaries.

  3. Retro Round Sunglasses

    Just like a perfect blue jeans or a classic white T-shirt, some things will never go out of style. This year, retro round shadows are all the rage. The 2021 round back shadow line replaced the old-fashioned plastic bracket for a smoother wire frame, and we absolutely love it. The elegant metal wrap, especially the elegant golden hue, makes the appearance lighter. The round sunglasses in the past have an almost perfect round shape, but the twist in 2021 relaxes the look with pleasant irregular angles, giving them greater flexibility and flare.Women Round Lens Metal Sunglasses Due to the versatility of vintage sunglasses, they are ideal for everyday wear. Therefore, choosing polarized lenses is a good idea for this kind of sunglasses. In addition to increasing clarity and increasing visual contrast, polarized sunglasses also reduce glare, making them a must-have for people who often drive or ride bicycles. Their simple and clear basic design allows you to freely choose the color of the glasses lens, such as translucent green or soft pink, so as to freely play your own style.

    Although the black and silver frames perfectly outline the style, the gold frames are currently grabbing the limelight. What we like most about these beauties that wrap wires is their absolute versatility. Wear a baseball cap and blue jeans to shake them during the game, or use them with fashionable trouser suits and high heels to break into the inner boss baby. The possibilities are endless. Their simple and clear basic design allows you to freely choose the color of the glasses lens, such as translucent green or soft pink, so as to freely play your own style. Although the black and silver frames perfectly outline the style, the gold frames are currently grabbing the limelight.

  4. Modern Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Few trends can surpass the fast-paced fashion laws and become timeless classics, but cat-eye glasses can do just that. This coquettish style was all the rage in the 1930s. In the era of super masculine, framed glasses are the only choice for women, the feminine angles and charming curves of cat eyes quickly took away the show. The cat’s eye shape uses a soft slanted frame and a girlish appearance to show the skinny and soften your characteristics. Cat-eye sunglasses were originally inspired by the dazzling harlequin masks, adding a little drama to any ensemble.Cat-eye Frame UV Protection Sunglasses Cat-eye sunglasses were once considered the best in the fashion industry, but they have gradually turned into absolute wardrobe staples. Modern cat-eye glasses match well with summer clothes, office clothes, and almost everything in between. When walking around looking for the perfect couple, your own personality and taste should be your guiding guide. For those with an avant-garde wardrobe, choose cat-eye shadows with sharp corners, full mirror lenses and an overall flat appearance. If you want to bend down to take the style of your glasses to a new level, choose black matte frames for a unique, soft look.

  5. Aviators with a Modern Twist

    Whether you want to embody the demeanor of a World War II pilot or the elusive essence of a celebrity off duty, the pilot can meet your requirements. The image became a sign and symbol of wartime patriotism, making this pair of glasses popular in the United States. Since then, they really haven’t been out of date. In 2021, they will be more popular than ever. Just like aged cheese or fine wine, pilots can not only survive for decades, but they will get better and better every ten years.Rimless UV Protection Irregular Sunglasses To be honest, the novel and stylish look centered on the pilot is not rocket science. The pilot always looks good to everyone. Whether you have a soft round face shape or square bevel glasses, these glasses are destined to look stylish and flattering. This is why they are so popular. Most importantly, it is difficult to make mistakes. When styling a modern pilot, seize the opportunity to drive your personal taste and unique fashion sense crazy. Bright lenses with a little personality will add luster to you, or choose an over-sized personalized frame to bring more attitude. Because there is nothing wrong, modern pilots are the perfect style to try, so don’t hold back!

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