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For a long time numerous many kinds of chiffon are in use, which is very high quality materials, it’s not easy to select from different available types of Chiffon in global market. China is the leading exporter of high quality chiffon fabric in many products, but in many cases, the raw silk or cotton produced in other countries send to Chinese companies for finishing, before making of apparels. China is producing, improving and exporting silk to other part of world for decades approximately of 5,000 years.

But this fabric has its roots in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and other neighboring countries with different level of productions per year. These countries India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh may export their silk crops to China for final processing, or may manufacture use their own process for getting many other types of chiffon fabric. Those products then available for exports or local people can make beautiful attires from raw materials.

If you buy chiffon fabric which may be in synthetic or mixed materials, it is usually consider as china silk/Chinese chiffon. China is, as an example, for other Asian countries, who has become the most important producer of polyester within the world, making and producing large quantities of silk chiffon rayon and nylon and synthetic materials.

History of Chiffon

The chiffon fabric was firstly made exclusively with Silk before the Nylon invention in year 1938.  The introduction of Polyester fabric in the market year 1958, make the polyester chiffon fabric more popular among consumers due to its durability and economic viability.


It is a clear balanced weave where similar weighted weft and warp threads are used on the loom for manufacturing. The crisscross twist weave which is usually use for Chiffon, gives the material a fine appealing look. The yarns utilize in weaving the material are alternately twisted which ends up within the slight crumpling of cloth in several directions. It is not easy to define this fabric because its features has a slippery texture. While cutting or sewing the material, weavers place the non-slippery surface above to urge the stitch perfect. Women are buying chiffon online now a days from different Multi brand stores.

Stitching of Chiffon Fabric

Tailors layer paper on each side of the material which helps keep the material together during the stitching or stitching process. After the completion of the stitching process, papers are carefully ripped out.
Stitching process is slow and steady with this fabric. If the material is stretched during the stitching process, it’s going to bunch and ruin the entire stitch. The stitching must be very clean and fine to enhance the finished appearance.


Silk fabric has many variations. The shimmer texture of silk add more attractive looks to the Chiffon which make it more unique. Though it’s lightweight, the material has considerable strength. Thanks to its manufacturing from natural silk fiber, it’s a costlier than the synthetic Chiffon.
Mixed or Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are most ordinarily and these materials are often easily dye able into different colors. The synthetic Chiffon is additionally economical and sturdier than its silk variant.

In the sort of Saree, the material adds shimmer and texture to the general appearance. This fabric is additionally wont to create Kurtis, Salwar Kameez, Scarves, Belts, and accents.

The use of this fabric in layering an attire are often seen aplenty. It adds volume to a garment and mostly use because of base fabric for embroideries and appliques. This sheer fabric is additionally use to manufacture home furnishing products like embellished sofa covers and curtains.

Where it is mostly used

Chiffon is usually use as a fancy bridal, seasonal events like wedding wear or may be as a night wear. It’s an elegant and somewhat floating in appearance. It’s also popularly utilize in blouses, scarves, lingerie and ribbons. Moreover, since chiffon is delicate, its washing techniques are more soft and need more precautionary measures.

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