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Pillow-style boxes are very popular, just because of their stylish look and feasible packaging style. This famous box style is a hit for packaging various items in the retail market.

Custom Pillow Boxes can design in any dimension as per the client’s choice. However, these boxes are Popular for favors, gifts, retail, and many other products, pillow boxes are among the unique and creative packaging types. Furthermore, these boxes are cost-effective, versatile, and attractive. Besides, you can manufacture them while keeping in view the high safety standards.

Besides this, you are free to choose the packaging stuff of your choice for these boxes. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule for the assembling of these boxes. Though these boxes are delivered flat and you can easily put a bulk quality in a single shipping box. So that’s why it would not be wrong to say that these boxes are cost-effective.

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Hire some professionals for the packaging of high-demand products

The domain of cosmetics is very vast. There are a lot of products in the market which we use in our daily routine life. Hair extension is one of them, although all cosmetic products are fragile and delicate in the case of wigs or false hair which can be utilized multiple times, you need to be specific while choosing their packaging solutions.

This synthetic product needs to handle with care as well as you need to keep them in such packaging solution which keeps the dust and dirt particles away from them. However, it is observed that customers prefer to buy those extensions which are can pack again in their boxes after first-time use.

Pillow Packaging Boxes can utilize multiple times, as well as their sturdy and handy nature ensures that your extension will remain safe for your next time use in the future. Furthermore, you can create and design them in an exceptional way that gives a stunning appearance to your products.

Besides this, the superior quality and captivating designs of our boxes give your cosmetic brand a reliable identity in the market. Additionally, your sales graph will increase by capitalizing on these creative and stylish hair extension boxes.

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Keep an eye on your Budget

The key benefit of customization is that you can freely choose the packaging stuff of your desire. However, the selection of materials totally depends on the customers.

Pillow boxes can be made with any packaging stock available in the market, except corrugated stuff. Because the folding cracks may occur when you choose rigid or tough stock for Pillow Packaging.

However, you can choose cost-effective Kraft stock for the production of matchless pillow packaging. In fact when you choose pillow-shaped boxes that come with many protective and styling features that make your products prominent among competitors.

Kraft or cardboard pillows both are durable and perfect for the packaging of various business products. These stocks are affordable, and you can modify this packaging style as per your client’s choice.

Add a window to enhance the appearance of your Pillow Boxes

There are a lot of add-on options for your pillowcases. However, you can get pillow hair extension boxes with incredible coating, finishing, foiling, embossing, and debossing. Besides this, you may coating and finish choices including spot UV, matte, and gloss. These are special techniques that add an exclusive touch to the boxes.

The addition of a die-cut window on the Pillow Boxes Wholesale allows the customer to analyze the color and shade. Besides, you can create a powerful brand image through such a premium range of extension boxes designed with innovation.

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