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The choice of company name depends on the first paragraph. Article 27 Limited Liability Companies Act (2006). Chapter 27 states that the Secretary, if the Minister is not satisfied, refuses to register the name of the Company:

Likes and dislikes (including obscene and religious names)

Recognition of the registered name of the company, joint stock company, company, joint venture, limited liability

Countries with any of the names protected under the Enterprise Registration Act 2014, the Joint Stock Companies Act or the Joint Stock Companies Act.

According to the minister, the director of justice did not approve it.

When can a register company names Singapore?

The same can only happen after the expiration date or the expiration date of reputable companies, firms, firms and the company that wishes to bear names with limited liability. Section 22 of the Joint Stock Companies Act 2014 states that the Registrar refuses to register the name of the same company in the following companies.

If the name is the same as the other  to Shrinking company

2 years from the date of termination of the Company or the date of termination

Six years have passed since the expiration date, but then the company name was rejected from the list.

The company name has been revoked or the company has been terminated (Company Name Registration Act 2014)

One year has passed since the date or expiration / expiration

Name of the foreign company that announced the termination of the registrar

Two years have passed since the date of formation

Termination of the limited liability period

This shelf life is 2 years from the due date

It’s been 6 years since your name was removed from the registry

Restricted name of an association that has been terminated or canceled

One year has passed since the date of dismissal / reversal

The best tax companies must register their names. Other amendments to the 2014 Singapore Business Change Act were made in addition to the applicable rules.

Rules for determining such names

Rules of the company 2015 (similar names) enter into force on January 3, 2016. The rules apply whether the names of the proposed company are the name of a company, general start limited liability company, company, firm, company, etc. Foreign.

In determining whether two names are one, the following parts of those names shall not be taken into account.

Because “e” is the first word of the name.

After the word finally appears: “Berhad”, “PhD”, “Limited”, “Limited”, “Limited Partners”, “LLP”, “Limited Partnership”, “LP”, “Private”, ” PD “,” General Accounting Institute “,” PAC “,” Satrin “,” STN “.

After appearing at the end of the word – “Asia”, “Asia-Pacific”, “Partners”, “Companies”, “and Companies”, “Total Limited Limited”, “Joint”, “Retention”, “Balance” , “Incorporated”, “International”, “.com”, “.edu”, “.gov”, “.net”, “.org”, “.sg”

All words considered by the registrar to represent the above words and expressions.

Plural forms of nouns.

Type and case of letters, space between letters, wheat.

“&” Has the same meaning as “E”, so when looking at names like “&” and “e”.

Here are some examples where the names in the top row are considered identical.

Current name

Suggested name

“Flying Dutch P.T. Ltd. “

“Dutch Flying Pt Ltd”

“Seekpride Picket Limited”

“Seakbright LLP”

“Tristan & Esquive Pipe Limited”

“Tristan & Esquive Pipe Limited”

These examples show that even if the company name is changed to “,”, “LLP” and “and”, the rules for proving similar and identical names cannot be avoided. If you use multiple words or add words to an existing business name, you will not qualify for the new name.

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