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Often overlooked, the laundry room is a place to discard unironed clothing, keep home bric-a-brac, or pet the dog while you’re gone for the day. However, you can transform your laundry room into a serene haven with some forethought and design know-how. Learn how to create the ideal laundry room with the best laundry bench in the following paragraphs.

Ideas for Creating the Laundry Room of Your Dreams

Your primary focus should be on the ease of doing laundry

Plan ahead of time for how you intend to utilise your laundry. ‘Functionality needs to be at the heart of your design strategy,’ Block judge Neale Whitaker says. This can’t be stressed enough: a well-designed laundry room is useless if it doesn’t perform as expected. It is crucial to remember those aesthetics aren’t everything, but they play a role. Even though no one tells you otherwise, the washing room is a trying place.

Home is a perfect blend of elegance and practicality, with tonnes of storage space. Also incorporated were custom-designed hanging and storage areas for cleaning supplies.

Make a laundry design plan, and then make another one

Yes, working on the floor plan for this area can be tiresome and time-consuming. However, it is essential. A washer and dryer, sink, counter space, storage, and laundry baskets are all must-haves in a laundry room that must be well-stocked. Also, make sure you have enough area to get about and work. You’ll be thankful later if you take the time to think things through before purchasing.

To begin with, choose your laundry room equipment

A laundry bench can be made around your appliances and sink if you have a solid concept of the size of the things you want to buy or currently own. 650mm is the minimum recommended depth for a workbench, and you should also consider whether a top-loading or front-loading washing machine will be used. It’s also critical to know which side of your appliance doors open so you can plan where to put them.

Remember to leave room in your laundry for brooms and mop heads

As much as feasible, maximise cabinets. Darren Palmer recommends tall cabinets for storing brooms and mops. And he’s true – laundry room storage must be useful.

Everything from cleaning materials and pet supplies to dirty laundry and that irksome ironing board will require a place in your storage unit. Cabinets, shelves, and drawers all function nicely in this area. Use open storage if you’re on a tight budget; make sure everything is neatly organised.

The laundry room is really an excellent place to save money

The laundry room is a fantastic place to start in terms of saving money. The Block Glasshouse’s Carlene Duffy notes, “Even just incorporating open shelves instead of built-in cupboards is a fantastic way to save some money.”

Laminates may also be a viable alternative to pricey marble. Concerning faux marble and wood aesthetics, “they’ve gone a long way in recent years,” adds Darren. Ensure your wet room countertop has a non-porous surface, regardless of which toppings you employ.

Is it better to hide or not hide your washing machine and dryer?

Europeans prefer to incorporate their laundry rooms into their kitchens, concealing washers and dryers behind doors. They truly love to integrate their laundry rooms into their kitchens.

This is an excellent solution if your space is being used for both work and cooking. Who wants to stare at large ugly washers? If you choose to hide items away, be aware that this will greatly influence your budget.

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