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What is an EMR?

The term EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records which as the name suggests have to do with digitizing and keeping medical records safe. However, these days EMR does much more than just safeguarding patient records. With the right EMR, you will be able to do everything about your medical practice; from taking care of billing and other finance related issues to managing your patient schedules and appointments. In this piece, we will be talking about Clinicient EMR and Insync EMR and how they compare to one another. We will refer to both Insync and Clinicient EMR reviews to give you a better idea of how these software are received by their users so you can have a better idea of which one you should opt for. 

Clinicient EMR 

Financial Solutions

A big reason why EHRs in general have gotten so popular the world over is the fact that they take care of billing so well. Clinicient EMR similarly does a great job at this and has a very good financial component which takes care of your practice’s financial side. From it’s patient one time payment capture feature which helps avoid billing the same client twice to claim scrubbing; this software helps you find out how much revenue you will be generating as well as increasing it since the claims approved after you start using his software will also be more. A lot of Clinicient EMR reviews talk about how helpful this feature is. 

Patient Registration 

As a doctor who is running a medical practice, you probably know one of the most crucial ways of getting and retaining patients is by offering them a good service. This is where Clinicient EMR’s patient registration feature comes in, since it helps you register a patient into your practice with the utmost ease. You will no longer have to fill reams worth of paperwork by hand which is equal parts annoying as it is bad for the environment and your expenses. With the patient registration feature, you get to on-board patients in no time at all. 

Easy Integration 

Clinicient EMR is a very popular software because of its easy integration features between practice management, clinical and financial components. The different software used for each of these are integrated into one main software which helps you in managing your practice, patients and financial health all seamlessly. According to Clinicient reviews this ability by the software alone makes the Clinicient pricing worth it. 

Insync EMR 

Mobile App

Insync EMR is another popular choice as far as EHRs go. This software has a mobile app which is very helpful and lets you stay connected to the software no matter where you go. The software has cloud based capabilities which already makes it easy to work with but the mobile app feature really helps you stay connected from wherever you might be so you can treat your patients and handle your practice better than you could before. 


E-Prescription features are usually the norm in most software these days but we felt like we needed to give it a shout out for Insync because of how well it works. With this feature doctors can remotely make prescriptions for patients and prescribe them the medication that they may need. Patients can also go to their nearest pharmacy and easily be able to collect their required prescription. While Clinicient EMR also has this feature, the operationality for it on this EMR might be arguably better. 


Scheduling appointments is a major part of any medical practice since you need to ensure your patients are scheduled properly. A big problem a lot of medical practices face is the no-shows and last minute cancelations. The scheduling feature for Insync EMR software however reduces that significantly. With their scheduling software, reminders in the form of both email and texts are sent to patients about their appointments so they remember and do not forget to show up. Other than that, there is also the ability for this software to fill in last minute cancelations with a new appointment so your time is not wasted. 

Which EMR Software you Should Invest in

Now that we have discussed the various features of both Insync and Clinicient EMR, you are probably wondering which of these two software do we recommend? Well, we leave that decision to you. We can only provide you with the necessary tools to make an informed decision. The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you hope to have in an EHR and then compare that list with the list of features these software have, whichever is a better match should be prioritized. Other than that, you should ask the vendors for a Clinicient EMR demo or a Insync EHR demo to see which one works well for you and caters to your needs more. Then we also suggest you read up on Insync EMR and Clinicient EMR reviews so you can gauge which one is more popular among users.

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