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What is an EMR? 

The term EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and while this is a main component of what these software do, it is not the only thing they are limited to. These days EMR software are incredibly advanced and can be easily used in conjunction with Practice Management Software and Billing Software to give users a seamless experience of running their medical practice. In this piece we will be talk specifically about Clinicient EMR and InSync EMR to see which one of these two software might suit you and your practice better.

Top Features of Clinicient EMR 

Automated Process for Ease

One of the best features of Clinicient EMR which several Clinicient reviews also praise is the fact that it automates a lot of processes reducing the need for staff to do these things and also reducing the chance of errors which humans are bound to make. From patient intake to the final payment the patient makes; everything is automated and you have the ability to check each and every step to see if it is being executed as per your preference. 

Revenue Cycle Management for Increased Income 

Revenue cycle management is incredibly important especially for small practices since they should always keep on top of their finances. With Clinicient EMR you get a top quality revenue cycle management feature which essentially takes away all your worries. The software looks at your KPIs for the month as well as other financial data to help provide you an idea of how your practice is doing financially. Overall, a lot of Clinicient reviews talk about how helpful this feature is. 

Easy to Use Dashboard 

A good user friendly dashboard is imperative for a good user experience on any given EMR. Fortunately, Clinicient EMR’s dashboard is actually one of its best features as well according to various Clinicient reviews. The dashboard is very powerful and easy to use and does not get stuck or hangs when using it which can be an issue for some softwares. Overall, it is easy to navigate through quickly so you can do what you want with it. A lot Clinicient reviews talk about how this feature alone is worth the Clinicient cost

Top Features of InSync EMR

Telemedicine Capabilities for Everyone’s Ease

InSync EMR has been around for a while which is why they understand the importance of having a software which works for everyone. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, a lot of medical practices that did not have telemedicine capabilities lost out on clients since patients do not want to come into a medical practice or a clinic when a virus outbreak has happened. However, InSync EMR has telemedicine capabilities which let users treat their patients remotely and ensure that they would not lose out on their client base! 

Patient Portal for Better Communication 

A patient portal is a great feature to have in an EMR since it is beneficial to both you and your patients. With this software, your patients can schedule their own appointments so that you do not have to do the tedious task of looking through their scheduling and matching it with your own; they do it for you! Other than that, the patient portal also lets you communicate with the patient and keeps a log of all the communication so you can easily refer back to it anytime! 

Patient Progress to Help you in Treatment 

You should have a software like InSync EMR that tracks your patients health information very keenly. This feature looks for patterns so that it can identify potential health problems before they exacerbate. The feature also monitors how well your treatment plan is currently doing and how the patient feels after it was implemented to help you better your techniques as well. Overall, this software is a great way for you to keep a check on your patients at all times. 

Which of These EMRs Should you Invest in? 

So now you must be confused about which one of these two great softwares you should invest in. We cannot give you the answer but can help you come to your own conclusion. The first thing we advise you do is make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EMR software and then compare the list to the features offered by these two software. Once you have done this you should go ahead and thoroughly read through Clinicient reviews as well as Insync reviews to see what current users of the software think about it. Then we recommend asking the vendors for a Clinicient demo or an InSync demo to see whether these software work well for you when they are in action. Overall, we are sure whether you choose Clinicient EMR or InSync EMR, you will have hopefully made the right decision for yourself and your practice. 

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