Common Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents At Malls


Several reasons could justify the incident, but it is essential to be aware of common causes. It would help avoid major accidents or significant injuries while enjoying the mall. It would be helpful to communicate with a personal injury lawyer Illinois in case of any casualties. In the majority of the cases, the mall is responsible for the damages a victim suffers. 

The mall should be held liable if you face any harm during your visit. Often, people are affected by slip and fall accidents at the mall. Some of the worst cases reported injuries like spinal injuries, brain damage, cracked bones, etc. One can apply for a claim from the mall if one suffers from injuries. 

  1. Carpeting and floors

The malls are constructed with subtle and attractive floors and carpets. Although, these floors and rugs are not maintained after some time which ultimately leads one to a slip and fall accident. Ensure to look out for any broken flooring or ripped carpeting when visiting the mall. 

  1. Spills

The majority of malls have food courts to serve their customers. The food courts are often not cleaned. The delay in cleaning can cause someone to fall because of spilled food or drinks on the floor or stairs. Spills are one of the ordinary reasons for slip and fall accidents, and one should avoid any area that seems unclean and cluttered. If you face any trouble in the mall and want to get the best legal help, you should reach a personal injury lawyer in Illinois at the earliest. 

  1. Electrical equipment

A mall would be useless without electricity and electrical types of equipment. Some of the victims of a slip and fall accident reported the cause of these incidents as electrical cords and similar equipment. Anyone can easily fall off by slipping onto an electrical cord that is not adequately secured and tucked within the boards. 

  1. Escalators 

Slip and fall accidents can also occur as a result of malfunctioning elevators. Elevators are most likely to cause an accident. The mall authorities should ensure that the elevators are working and safe to avoid accidents.

  1. Debris 

A mall has many showrooms that consist of different products and merchandise. The management should look after proper stacking of these merchandises and avoid the mess that can lead to an accident. The merchandise could range from clothes, apparel, packed items, rappers, etc. Avoid visiting a mall that does not keep the products in an organized manner. 

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