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Today, many property owners install uPVC doors thinking they will last forever. But despite its popularity among homeowners, these doors are likely to have issues. The problems are more if you live in coastal areas, such as Kerela, Karnataka or any other similar region.  

The good news is that repairing uPVC doors is easy. So, no need to get the whole door replaced for an issue. Generally, the multi-point locking mechanism of these doors has problems. It can be due to inferior lock or improper door lock maintenance.

Don’t worry, we can help you with this issue and other problems related to uPVC doors. Here are some common problems with uPVC doors, along with solutions to fix them.

1. Misaligning Locks

The problem of misaligned locks is common to uPVC doors. When the doors have misaligned locks, it becomes difficult to lock or unlock them. It is because the locking mechanism in these doors would not match its door frame.

It can occur due to the door coming off the alignment on its own. It happens because of regular wear and tear or changing weather conditions that can cause the door to wrap.

You can try to figure out this issue by opening the door and locking it again. Make sure you try this when the door is still open. This way, you would not lock yourself out of a room or your house. If the door locks/unlocks with ease even when away from the door frame, it’s the issue of misaligned locks. But if the issue remains when the door is open, it could be due to the poor locking mechanism. You need to consult a locksmith to resolve this issue.

How to fix it?

For fixing this issue, you have to first try to do it yourself. You can begin by loosening fixings on the door frame’s inner portion. After that, move it into a position where it meets the lock. You have to try this several times to get it fixed correctly. Once you get the position where it locks effortlessly again, you can tighten it back.

If you cannot fix the problem yourself, you can call your local locksmith for realigning the locking mechanism for you.

2. Lock Breaking Due to pressure

With time, locks can become weak and are easy to break with pressure put on them regularly. It means that your door will either be locked or unlocked. None of the two options is in your best interest.

How to fix it?

You need to work on regular door maintenance. You can keep them lubricated from time to time. It improves the longevity of locks.

Furthermore, you have to ensure no extra force is used on the locks when raising the handle for locking your door. It will minimise the pressure on its locking mechanisms. It further keeps the locks stronger for a long duration.

3. Easily Tampered Locks

Some locks attached to your uPVC doors can be of bad quality. These cheap locks are easy to be tampered with and gain quick access to your property. They are used for keeping the cost of your doors low. But for a low-quality door, you have to pay a bigger price if a burglar breaks in and steals your expensive items.

How to fix it?

To minimise any possibility of the unwanted intruder getting into your house, you have to switch your locks with more sturdy and complex locking mechanisms. Also, add protection like chains or bolts to your door to prevent intruders from getting into your property.

4. Broken Key inside Your uPVC Door

What to do if there is a broken key left within the lock? This is a common issue with key padlocks and key-entry doors. It happens if you use an old key to open the door.

How to fix it?

When you notice that your uPVC door is beginning to jam, you need to consult a local locksmith immediately. They will replace the old key with a new one. So, you won’t have to face the problem of a broken key in your lock.

5. Keys Require Juggling to Open/Lock the uPVC Door

When you insert the key and jiggle it to open or lock your uPVC door, it’s a common poor key cut problem according to coloured doors manufacturers in India.

How to fix it?

To fix this issue, you need to have spare keys with you. If you don’t have a spare key, you can contact your local locksmith to make extra keys for your uPVC doors. Always consult a professional locksmith for precise cut key duplication.


If you have faced any of these uPVC door issues before, you need to try the mentioned solutions for a quick fix. If the DIY solutions don’t work for you, you can consult professional uPVC door manufacturers or dealers to arrange an expert locksmith for you. The experts will help you fix the problem with ease and without you having to spend extra money.

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