Common Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Getting Sold

Common Reasons Why Your House Isn't Getting Sold

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How often do you see a property that doesn’t sell for months or even years? If you’ve been in the real estate industry for a while, you’ve most likely seen something like this. A decent property that goes for around average to more than the average price yet doesn’t really get any closed deals. You might even find yourself in such a situation! And if you are, here are some helpful tips that can aid you in finally selling your property.

A Bad Smelling House Repels Buyers

Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer who has shopped for one or several houses in the past, or a first-time homeowner, one of the first things you’ll notice in a home is its smell. Even if your house looks like it popped right out of a design magazine, any odd or foul odor can put you off and make you say no. As someone planning to put up their house for sale, keep this in mind. 

Because you’ve been living in your own home, you might not be totally aware of how it smells. There are various foul odors that other people can pick up, like cigarette smoke, mold, pets, etcetera. A great way to make yourself more aware of this is to let someone else (like a friend or relative) who doesn’t live in your house smell your home for you before placing it on the market. 

Even as you live with your pets, children, or your beloved plants in your house, it’s no excuse for foul smells. Ensure that you clean up and contain the source of unpleasant odors, especially where your pets do their deed. This way, when a buyer visits, they won’t be repelled immediately.

Not Adjusting to Circumstances and Being Unrealistic

Anyone selling their property has to be flexible when dealing with potential buyers. Often, this is the primary reason a property isn’t selling: the seller is stubborn and insisting on what they want. It could be through on unrealistic price, or simply not being able to do viewing with homebuyers, or it could be refusing to get something fixed.

Understandably, everyone is busy. There will be moments when you won’t be able to accommodate a viewing or fail to coordinate on time. But don’t let this get in the way of landing a sale! You need to be flexible and adjust accordingly, especially if you’re dealing with potential and eager buyers. It’s also critical to address any request for repairs from the building inspector, as they’re only after the house’s integrity. And lastly, you need to be able to work around your price. Be realistic with the price of your property since everyone is functioning under the market rate—not basing the cost of your property on the market price is simply asking for a hard time.

Not Beautifying or Renovating the Property

If you’re selling a property, you have to start thinking as if you’re buying a property. No homebuyer in their right mind would want to buy a really old and dilapidated house—unless they’re going for a fixer-upper, which will mean less revenue for you. That’s where renovating or beautifying your property that’s for sale comes to mind.

Yes, it might mean more work, more expenses, and more time, but if it helps you sell your property, it’s more than worth it. And many fixes are actually not as expensive as one might seem, especially if you put in some elbow grease and repair it yourself. Of course, some repairs will require a professional to do it, and some repairs need an outright overhaul. But don’t be afraid to shell out some cash. Some renovations can actually increase the resale value of your property: even just repainting your wall with fresh paint can hike up the price significantly. So don’t be afraid to hire a professional plumber to fix your pipes or a carpenter to do some minor renovation work. It’ll be well worth the investment anyway.

Taking Unflattering Photos of Your Home

With how competitive the housing market can be, having poor quality photos can make buyers take a pass on your listing or, worse, not even notice it at all. And while you might think that your top-of-the-line smartphone with a high spec camera can do the talking for you, if you lack photography skills, your photos might still end up lackluster.

People nowadays utilize the internet to gather information, and when someone is looking to buy a house online, they will see pictures of it. Your best bet, in this case, would be to hire a professional photographer who specializes in real estate or architecture photography, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting the spotlight.

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