Complete Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics in 2022



It is essential to know how to run the campaigns as a digital marketer, but what if we say what leads have been generated from that campaign?

It is essential to keep ourselves up to date with upcoming trends every day. Tracking the performance and understanding the audiences is known as digital marketing analytics. Digital marketing analytics refers to identifying the in-depth knowledge of the digital world.

Learning digital marketing in today’s world is the most in-demand course. With thousands of people actively converting into the digital world, a digital marketing specialist is a suitable individual to approach and actively take guidance.

To enter into the digital marketing and analytics career, one must get trained with a course. This course offers a post-graduate program by IIIT Tiruchirappalli, which grooms you to become a digital marketing specialist. The course ensures that the person has better skills and knowledge to enter a massive and competitive industry.

What is digital marketing analytics?

Digital marketing analytics course is a practice of analyzing and measuring the performance of your campaigns, data insights, and study of customers to gauge progress and development.

Digital marketing is regarded as the new upcoming decade where marketers are wavering its benefits and adding a new skill to your life, elevating pursuing a new course with new learning. It helps sales teams to lead data which allows them to understand campaign boosting and driving traffic.

As a result, after learning the course, you will get a certificate ensuring maximum benefits and more job opportunities rolling in.

Key features of digital marketing analytics program

Do you want to get into the digital marketing world but don’t know the future and advantages?

Hold on; we are here to help you out.

There are many advantages to getting a digital marketing analytics course; let us first see some of them.

  • Digital marketing specialists have been offered as one of the highest paying in the digital marketing world.
  • Top MNCs are looking forward to young aspirants joining their companies as specialists with post-graduate certificates.
  • The program is chosen to be one of the most trendings and developing digital marketing.
  • The most significant advantage you gain from this course is Alumni association membership from IIIT Tiruchirappalli, which will enhance your path towards success.
  • You will be trained with industry experts with 8x higher live online interactions and taught with a maximum number of case studies with getting practical aspects for the course.

To work in the digital marketing field, you must have pursued the following qualification

Most firms worldwide hire employees with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field of discipline with at least one year of experience related to digital marketing. However, a digital marketing background is desirable but not required. This creates opportunities for graduates in any field and creates a vast scope for every individual willing to pursue. There are two aspects of working here in this industry.

They are:

  • Interested in dropping new ideas and coming up with recent trends.
  • Scaling up your writing and content skills.

Going further, marketing and analytics have substantial career growth, and many companies are waiting for people interested and working with them. But learning from a professional and expertise background is required. A non-digital individual interested in this field will have just mediocre knowledge, but a post-graduate individual will be set to work with top MNCs.

Types and details of digital marketing and analytical course

Whether you are a BCom graduate, BMS, engineer, or any related graduate, you’ll find something valuable and different in this learning, and that is guaranteed.

The course offered by IIIT Tiruchirappalli covers topics like search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click, web analytics, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, artificial intelligence, big data, and many more.

Details of the course will go in this way –

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • SEO and creating winning digital ecosystems.
  • PPC and how to reach your customers efficiently
  • Web analytics is understanding the language of digital marketing
  • SMM is engaging the customer and building advocacy
  • The basics of artificial intelligence
  • Application of data analytics.

Benefits of the post-graduate program in digital marketing and analytics

Digital marketing specialist is considered top ranking in the field of digital marketing. It leverages IIIT Tiruchirappalli’s academic excellence and Simplilearn’s unique Bootcamp approach.

  • Collaborating with IIIT Tiruchirappalli

You will receive a certificate program under the guidance of the non-profit public-private partnership model by MoE. The aim is to shape students into better human beings and understand the digital world with professional employees and local skills for global needs.

  • Case studies from Harvard Business publishing

Harvard Business Publishing is a complete book of case studies, the case study method for bringing real-life business problems to life in the classroom and help analyze business situations. Case studies are one aspect where you completely learn in-depth about the companies, and studying from Harvard Business is Capstone learning from 5 domains and getting 25+ hands-on courses till the end.

  • Simplilearn job assist program

Who doesn’t want to get a job after a course?

Everyone, right?

Precisely, the Simplilearn is here to assist you with job opportunities with IIMJobs Pro Membership for six months, resume building and career monitoring, and training on how to prepare for interviews and career fairs.

  • Interactive and masterclass sessions from Industry experts

Level up sessions under Mollie Spilman, Shane Snow, Dorie Clark, and many more. Getting actual knowledge from experts in this field for decades is one of the most significant benefits of the course. An opportunity worth not losing.

The salary range for digital marketing specialist employees in India

According to the research, Indian digital ad spending will reach INR 539 billion by 2024. The industry growth is estimated to grow with 27. 42% during the forecast period from the year 2019 to 2025. While the industry salary may rise at an average up to 7,25,000 per annum, it one of the highest salary ranges in digital marketing


The digital marketing specialist program is rewarded as one of the most trending and upcoming certification courses globally with the highest salary potential. As a result, it is valued most on experienced candidates on best screen practices.

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