Considerations before installing a wine cellar


Wine is not just a drink, but an emotion too. It binds you to your roots, transports you to those beautiful grape vines and countryside. Seated at the table, if sipping wine slowly refreshes those soulful memories of a person or a place , then a wine cellar is the safe heaven to your soul. Within the wine cellar, not only do you collect wines, but also hold the precious memories of that first sniff, swirl and taste by your senses, fulfilling your expectations of that particular wine.

For a wine connoisseur like you, a wine cellar is a worthy investment that elegantly safeguards your expensive wine collection. After all, fine wine needed to be stored at specific temperature and humidity, shielded from the damaging effects of Ultra Violet rays of sun light in order to restore its quality and distinct taste over time.

Since it is more than just a cavern for storing your wine, wine cellar designs require skill, knowledge, and experience that will enrich and enhance your wine tasting experience. Thus, it is extremely important to know what to consider when installing a wine cellar for your lovely wine collection. Here is a list that will help you plan, design and select the perfect wine cellar for your home!

  • Aesthetic appeal – A wine cellar is not just a piece of furniture, but an extension of yourself as well. It should not only decorate a corner of your house, but ornament your life and reflect your personality too. Thus, it means that while the functional aspects of the wine cellar are important, so too are their aesthetic feel. At Wine Cellar Creations, the wine cellars are made from stainless steel, insulated laminate panels or wood to provide the perfect temperature, humidity and insulation to your wine bottles.
  • Evaluate the facilities – Wine cellars are not just wine storing units, but a whole lot more than you can think. Wine Cellar Creations provides you with the best wood and metal racks to keep your wine bottles horizontally aligned. Wine Cellar Creations provides it’s valuable customers with Cavavin, Perlick, Vinotemp and WineKoolR manufactured wine cabinets that are the best in class and are intricately handcrafted.
  • Equipped technology – Though the primary purpose of wine cellars is to store wine, protection of your collection from prying eyes, theft or young hands is of utmost concern too. The wine cellar doors Wine Cellar Creations on customization come equipped with a biometric fingerprint lock which claims to accommodate as many as one hundred different fingerprints.
  •  Estimate the size of your collection – Having a clear idea about the volume of wine collected over time will help you decide the dimension of the wine cellar you would want to install. Having a small cellar for a huge collection will be difficult to arrange, risking damages to the wine bottles. Wine Cellar Creations is the perfect solution for your wine cellar installation since it builds it’s cellars according to the customers’ needs and budget.

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