Content Marketing Strategies to Crush the competition



When it is about optimizing your site for search engine the old saying ” content is king” is always applicable. The information users see on your site will help in increasing traffic. one method of doing this is to develop more appealing content.

The sad reality is that your rivals are taking the same approach. Therefore, you must create more appealing blog posts and web content to stand out from them.

Here are 10 tips you must use to create content that is better over your competitors.

1. The shorter the URL, the More Effective

The shorter URL you have will increase the chances of being ranked higher in search results. The best URLs are those which is 60-70 characters long. The best URLs are smaller, with only 50 characters.

2. Use Content That Competition has discarded

If you find that your competitors are writing content exclusively and you want to make your competition better by using content they’ve not even considered. Informational content that is interactive, such as videos, infographics, or animations can be converted superior to static information.

3. You can think of a better title

The first thing viewers will see on the blog or website page is the title , so ensure that it is as memorable as you can. The title is the first impression of your content.

You are able to be as imaginative by incorporating your title as creatively as you can with. You can use a question, present your post as a list, or use a controversial title.

4. Readability drives traffic

Making your content more accessible is another effective way of attracting attention to your site.

There are a variety of ways to enhance how you present your text to be more attractive to your readers. Bullet points can be used to break up your text or make lists. You can also create short paragraphs that will drive your message.

5. Enhance the Structure Of Your Content

When searchers are looking for something, they’re looking for immediate answers, therefore it is important for your material to remain clear and to the main point. Based on the audience you are targeting and your desired audience, you must also consider expanding your style.

6. Need For Speed Need For Speed

Users don’t have the full time they want in search of content. About 4 out of 10 users will leave an online website in the event that it is loading for more than three seconds.

Additionally, every second that your site takes longer to load, it results in a 77% reduction on conversions. Make sure you use the smallest size image you can in order to increase your loading speed.

7. Use Bigger Fonts

It isn’t a good idea to have your visitors using a magnifying glass to look at the content on your site. The most popular pages have an average font dimension that is 15.8 inches on average.

8. Make use of professional photos

Instead of using stock photos for a long time Instead of using stock photos over and over again, consider taking your own photos. With the plethora of smartphones equipped to capture HD images, this will be a simple task.

9. Make it more visual

Visual content is processed quicker than written ones. Ninety percent of information transmitted is visual. In Twitter for instance tweets with images get shared fifteen times more frequently, as per Buffer.

10. Create Your Content Link and Make It Shareable

In addition, adding more shares and links to your website will increase its appeal to your intended public. The majority of top-ranked sites contain more shares and links than their competitors.

Use these methods to produce better content and you’ll be able to look at gaining more visitors to your site.

Take a look at Our templates for blogs and cheat sheets to help you organize the production of SEO-friendly content. If you’re trying to get the most value for your time and effort, invest in content creation. Try creating regularly updated material. It’s fresh and never gets old as it is ranked higher within search result pages.

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