The method of converting a QuickBooks Desktop for Mac files to a QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or vice versa is identified as Round Tripping. Since QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac use various types of databases and the Accountant’s copy is not ready in Mac so it becomes very important to convert company files from Mac to Windows and vice-versa. Here in this article, we are going discuss to Convert a File from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows.

Convert QuickBooks File from Mac to Windows

Prepare The Company File

First of all, obey the below moves to prepare the company file:

  1. Update QuickBooks Desktop For Mac to the latest version.
  2. Now copy the company file to the desktop.
  3. Verify for any special characters in the file name and company name as %^&*!@#$ then rename the file and clear the unique characters.
  4. Choose QuickBooks > Select > My Company to discover the company name.
  5. Next, initiate the file in QuickBooks and clear all recorded transactions and recorded reports.
  6. Rebuild the company file
  7. Select File > Utilities > Rebuild Data
  8. Now Continue the Custom Transaction Detail Report and replace the date field with All and allowing the Memo column:
  9. Select Reports > Custom Transaction Detail Report.
  10. From Modify Report window, Select All from the date drop-down.
  11. Choose Memo from the columns drop-down.
  12. Select OK to run the report.
  13. If any memo has more than 50 words or special characters then remove them. If these, memos are important then you can rename them.
  14. Rebuild the file again.

Change Mac Company File To A Windows Company File

You need to treat the following actions to Convert QuickBooks files from Mac to Windows:

  1. Open your Company File in QuickBooks for Mac.
  2. Select File >Utilities > Export > To QuickBooks for Windows.
  3. Give a name to the file and select Save to keep it on your desktop.
  4. Take a backup of the file.
  5. Shift the file (.QBB extension) to the Windows computer.
  6. Open QuickBooks for Windows.
  7. Tick File and then select Open or Restore Company.
  8. Next, choose to Restore a backup copy and Select Next.
  9. Select the Local backup and click Next.
  10. From the backup copy, window browse and select the.QBB file that came from the Mac user and click Open.
  11. When prompted to convert the file then type Yes and then click OK.

Converting the Corresponding File back to QuickBooks for Mac

You are expected to obey the below moves to convert the same file back to QuickBooks for Mac:

  1. Open the company file in QuickBooks for Windows.
  2. Navigate to File > Utilities > Copy Company File for QuickBooks for Mac.
  3. Save the company file. (For ease, you can save it on your desktop)
  4. Next Transfer the file (with the .MAC.QBB extension) to the Mac system.
  5. Open QuickBooks for Mac.
  6. Select File > Restore > From a Disk.
  7. Select the file and click Open
  8. Click OK when advised to restore a QuickBooks for Windows file.
  9. Type a name for the restored file.
  10. Click Save.

Follow the Steps Carefully or Contact Our Proadvisors

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