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Holidays such as Christmas are always supposed to be fun. But as a couple, these celebrations can be more fun if you plan them well.

The grim reality is that spending the holidays with your partner becomes challenging sometimes. But do not worry! With our guide, you can navigate your holidays hand in hand as a couple.

How to Celebrate Holidays as a Couple?

Celebrating holidays as a kid in your family is entirely different than being a couple. Suddenly, you’re expected to manage finances, host parties, and pick which family you’ll spend Hanukkah with. Here are some things you can do on holidays to celebrate them with your partner:

Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety First

Holidays can be stressful with all the planning, social pressure, and bills. Therefore, the first thing you can do before planning your holiday is to get rid of stress and anxiety. You can cope with this stress as a couple with:

  • Routine: You need to keep your schedule as close to normal as possible. You’ll feel better mentally when you have a familiar schedule. A routine will also keep you from backsliding if you are working on yourself or your couple.
  • Downtime: You should schedule periods where you do nothing. During this time, you can wind down or even catch up on obligations.
  • Early Understanding: As a couple, you need to think about the holidays in the same fashion. When you understand your plans and obligations, there’s less room for mistakes and disagreements.
  • Communicate Concerns Early: You should ensure you tell your romantic partner if you have a problem with your celebration plans. If you tell your romantic partner your concerns early, they’ll be solved faster.
  • Support: You should consider getting help from trusted individuals, such as professionals offering marriage therapy in Scottsdale.

Communicate with Your Partner Affectionately

We all know communication is primordial in relationships, but it’s even more important around the holidays. All of the preparations can go to waste if you do not possess your partner and communicate romantically. You need to discuss your plans and concerns lovingly and openly.

Furthermore, you must carry that energy as you plan with your extended families. When you talk with your families, you must communicate the compromises you made with your romantic partner. Additionally, you should communicate your boundaries so that neither family pressures you.

Compromise on Visits

However, a practical solution is to divide the holiday. For example, you could plan to have Thanksgiving lunch with your in-laws. Then, later in the day, enjoy dinner with your parents. This way, you can share the holiday joy with everyone.

Alternatively, you could celebrate a holiday early/late, host the celebration, or video call your family to include them in your celebrations.

Budget Early

Finances are a major issue for couples during the holidays. And so, you’ll have to decide on your budget early. In fact, discuss your Christmas plans by November. Whether you’ve been engaged for months or just became a couple, you need to decide all the finances as a couple. 

While you’re deciding which bills to pay, what trip to make, and so on, compromise. You might discover that you don’t want to meet in the middle. Then, you’ll have to figure out why you disagree. Once you know each other’s opinions, you’ll find a satisfactory compromise.

Be Alone, Together

Holidays can be overwhelming ― especially for introverts. And so you should dedicate some alone time. Together, you’ll decide how to spend the most time together. You should fit intimate moments into your holiday plans early. In your discussion, ensure you’ve prioritized activities you want to do as a couple. 

Additionally, you should address the activities you don’t want to partake in. Yes, you should spend the most time possible as a couple. 

Manage Indulgences

While it’s socially acceptable to over-indulge during holidays, your couple might suffer. For example, a romantic partner might drink too much alcohol. This may force the sober partner to take care of the children, drive, and explain the situation to family members. 

Therefore, as a couple, you should discuss beforehand how you’ll drink. For instance, how many drinks can you or your fiancée have? Who will be the designated driver? And keep in mind that you can always refuse to attend a celebration if you’re uncomfortable with the fact that there’ll be alcohol.

Take Care of Each Other’s Expectations

Let’s say your fiancé wants to cut down his own 20 ft Christmas tree and wants to get the family together to decorate it. So, what do you do when your partner or your family ― or you ― have these impossible expectations? In that case, all you need to do is respect each other’s expectations, communicate, and listen. 

As you pay attention to each other’s desires, you can find compromises. For instance, you might not be able to get that 20-foot tree, but you could cut one down together. 

The Takeaway

Now you understand that communicating, listening, and compromising is the key to celebrating the holidays with your partner. By discussing your plans, you can find a satisfactory budget, decide who you’ll visit, and plan intimate bonding time. In addition, you’ll need to manage your indulgences and expectations as well to make your day. Remember that celebrating the holidays is about creating happy memories together. 

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