It’s not simple to plan and carry out a successful campaign in an advertising and marketing agency. It takes a significant amount of study and work, as well as the competence and knowledge of qualified specialists. It is a difficult task to do. Even if it doesn’t seem that way in the majority of ad agencies in Lahore, the whole procedure is really extremely organized.

However, it is due to the nature of the profession and the work demands at an advertising and marketing agency. In the majority of agencies, the procedure is clearly laid out and is appropriately followed by every team member. Although the process of working may differ, the fundamentally important phases never change. The brief comes first, followed by ideation and strategy, content and design, animation (if necessary), and execution. There is, of course, a very different pool of approvals in between. Internal approvals and upgrades occur first, followed by customer input, after which the team implements the modifications requested by the client.

The following stages are essential to the advertising and marketing process:

  1. Briefing, strategy, and idea generation, together with job definition and task delegation, come first.
  2. Content (based on strategy)
  3. Design
  4. Animation
  5. Internal Review
  6. Client Feedback
  7. Complete alterations
  8. Execution

Each and every one of these processes is faithfully followed in a creative advertising agency. It is a standard procedure that every team member is aware of. And this procedure must be followed precisely to avoid misunderstanding and unjustified delays in work. To familiarize you with the procedure, we will now quickly discuss these aspects.


The first step once a client joins is study and comprehension, which results in a good brief of the project or campaign in question. The whole process is impacted if the brief is unclear. To proceed and provide the greatest results, the two parties must be in agreement.

Ideas and Strategy

Developing a sound plan is the next stage in managing a successful campaign. The mechanics of the campaigns, the topics, the media that will be utilized to sell the product or service, etc. are all included in the strategy. The strategist must pay close attention to detail at this stage and take into account the appropriate instructions provided by the customer.

Role definition and task delegation

The next stage in this procedure is to assign tasks to the team members and define appropriate responsibilities for each. To enable everyone to offer their best effort, it is crucial to ensure that they all understand what is expected of them.


The next stage is the content component, and the ones that come after it rely on it. This process ensures that the strategy is accurately translated into marketing words that the audience and prospective consumers can easily comprehend.


The material is forwarded to design when it has been properly organized. Design provides a large image that draws millions of eyeballs while supporting the content.


is also necessary if you want to use digital streams or social media sites for advertising. The atmosphere of the campaign is maintained in the motions thanks to the work of a separate department that handles animations.

Once the design and animation are finished, they are internally evaluated. Following everyone’s comments, the team gets to work on making adjustments and enhancements.

Client Feedback is the next phase

The customer is then given access to all the design, animations, and associated materials for evaluation. The team then begins working on the final product once they have given it a critical analysis and shared their input.

Finally Modified

Final adjustments are very important and are handled with extreme caution and competence.


The whole campaign is then delivered to the appropriate departments for execution when these adjustments are made. They are shared on social media by the digital division and via the appropriate channels by the traditional division.


To sum up, I would like to emphasize that creating an effective campaign in an advertising and marketing services provider agencyis both highly enjoyable and a very important activity that calls for accuracy and competence. And we take pride in claiming that we have the advantage of working with the brightest brains, who make the job appear extremely simple and natural.

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